Anthony Martial


I believe part of reason for him to move is to get better shot at CF position.
Considering we have 2 strikers better than Lukaku, I don’t think we would be able to play Martial there more than United did.

We would ofcourse give him more starts.


We were heavily linked with him before he joined United, as Wenger was a big fan on him. Don’t know now that Wenger is gone.


I doubt that’s the reason, it’s more likely because he has never been embraced by Mourinho, their relationship never got off the ground. AlsoSanchez has arrived so his game time is even more limited despite playing very well prior to his arrival.

His development would be better served by him signing elsewhere for a manager that believes in him.


We should be all over this, we’re literally crying out for a wide player who can tear it up down the left and ghost past players for fun.

I can’t see it happening tho especially not after the way Salah & De Bruyne have came back to haunt Mourinho and I got no doubt Martial’s gonna do exactly that same thing.


Really surprised he didn’t make the WC squad.


Why? He hardly kicks a ball at his club.




Would be top of my wishlist…

But thats all it would be is a wishlist.


He’d be a fucking beautiful signing for us but it simply won’t happen.


We won’t have any money left over once Leno is finalised. Not enough anyway for what United will demand for Martial.


Sell Lacazette and Welbz and sign Martial haha.


Dont think money would be the issue. Man U might even entertain the bid and do a deal with an eye on Bale. Just think CL with Juve or PSG might be to much of a draw for him. If I was in charge i’d be knocking on the door with fist full of cash and telling the lad hed be 1st choice week in week out. I’d suck up the agent fee with a smile about not just getting the player - but the statement it made in getting him and where we are going.


Think hes over hyped. Potential rather than anything else. Not getting wound up over this one.


Completely depends on contract, but if you think about it, it makes ZERO sense to make it consensual, b/c then what is the gd point of the contract?

If there is an extension clause, it is surely triggered by the club alone… Mou would be a c*nt, but we know he is already.


The ice on cake if we got him :giroud3: