Anthony Martial


If they paid 45m for him and sell him for that or more after 100 appearances then yes that is very much value for money and puts to bed the myth that they were crazy to invest in a talented player.

Our purchase of Aubameyang is currently more crazy than their purchase of Martial.


I also think he’ll go to Juventus.

BUT, he is out of contract next summer remember. So if he insists on leaving and say, for arguments sake, he asks to join us (hahaha), it might get to the stage where United have their hands tied unless they’re prepared to write his fee off and let him walk for free.


Selling one of their best young players to a rival in demise? No chance. He would do really us well.


I think they’re more likely to sell to a rival in demise, than a rival not in demise to be honest


But if we got Martial would make a big step forward :smile:


I could be wrong but I read somewhere that United have the chance to trigger a year extension or something like that? I’m not sure how that works but wouldn’t it mean United can get at least another year out of him before the pressure to sell kicks in.

I’m entirely ignorant as to how these types of contracts work though


Not in terms of performance he didn’t.
We paid 60m for an established player who gives consistent performance.

While United was like a development phase for Martial.
Had they invested that kind of money on an established player, they would have received more mature performance on pitch.


Oh yeah, I think you’re right actually. But, like you, i’m not sure how they work either. Is it literally just a case of “we know you hate it here, but tough, we’ve pressed the button, you’re staying”. :laughing: Or are there terms on both sides that have to be met?


How I understand it is that United can automatically trigger the additional year themselves. But again - that’s only my understanding and what I’ve read.


Not claiming any knowledge but I would imagine there are possible other clauses that get triggered by an extension…wage increase, release clause maybe…probably nothing that would put them off triggering it mind.


Expect him to leave Utd in the Summer but wouldn’t want to see him at Arsenal…we need another attacking player who can play out wide but I don’t think he would be a good fit for the team.


Well yea they keep talking about that extension option on Redcafe. The thing is Martial is on about 50k and on the open market should be on around 150k really. He’s going to disrupt things until he gets a move if he has any sense.


Wasted at Manure. Get him in asap.


His United career is over, surely?


I hope so, he’s a huge talent and stagnating there. Been reading they are interested in Justin Kluivert which surely spells the end for him.

Would like to see Martial be great elsewhere even if not here.


If only :xhaka:


In January some thought it was stupid that some suggested we might be able to negotiate for him in some kind of part exchange deal for Alexis because he was their future, but he’s started 4 games in the league since January.

I think it was always likely that under Mourinho Alexis turning up would mean Martial would suffer. If he can get out of there he really should.


Destined to play in Serie A.


If he had any sense he’d go and play for PSG if they are seriously interested in him.


I would cry of joy if we somehow snatchd him.