American Presidential Election 2024

What a tweet :joy::joy:

‘I’m handing the keys to Donnie boy as we tweet’

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If he had said all of that instead of posting, it would have taken 2 minutes to complete.

And it would have taken us 10 minutes to understand.


I guess the only way out is through.

It’s frustrating because it was Biden’s team that pushed the June debate date. It typically isn’t this early in the race. By scheduling it in June, shitting the bed on live tv and then not really doing a ton of press for a few days, it made things worse.

Still holding my nose and voting for him like I did four years ago.


Horrible interview for team biden. Goal in any political race is not be on the defensive like this.

I really don’t really like to indulge in hypothetical guys like Xi and Putin would walk circles around this guy in a room and embarrass him

Trump has this election on lock imho. Too many religious nuts and anti-progressives in America for me to see this result going any other way.

Got up to the excuse of ‘I had a really bad cold’ and gave up.

Sure he probably was ill prior to the debate but it was just a terrible performance from someone incapable of leading a super power (just about) nation.

Donnie has to get back in tbh, it’s the least bad option at this point. 4 years and he’s out again.

It’s also weird to have them push back in such a controlled setting rather than have him out there stumping. Idk how persuasive it is to people to have him vigorously insist he’s fine to network news.

@SuperArsenal1886 I don’t think it’s a question of there being that many Trump supporters or weird Christian nationalists. I think Biden is a drag on turnout from the left. And it’s not like this is new. People have been complaining about his age for a while.

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Dem establishment gonna lose again and let the country be exposed to Trump 4 more years instead of giving up some power.

I blame Clyburn and all those Southern Black conservative dems. They love Biden and they finished Bernie in 2016 and 2020.

Yeah why is Bernie not running?

He wouldn’t have enough support to win in a primary.

Not sure replacing an 81 year old with an 82 year old is going to alleviate the main concern people have. Bernie is also not as sharp as he was some years back, I think there’d be similar issues despite not being nearly as out of it as Biden. I also struggle to see Sanders beating Trump in a general election, there’d be way better candidates to do so.

They should really just rally behind Harris, she’s not too popular but I can’t see how she doesn’t provide a better chance at this stage.


He didn’t succeed in the last two primaries why would he in this one?

Ego is a crazy thing.

I think Biden would be better off in every respect if he had announced he wasn’t running ahead of the primaries

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I’m starting to believe it’s dementia and he doesn’t fully understands what is at stake.

That’s harsh and partially unfair, Sanders was getting sunk before that. Dem candidates were dropping out and mainstream Dems were endorsing Biden. Just like in 2016, they already decided what type of candidate they wanted.

I think it’s genuinely sad, because he clearly just doesn’t have any sense that he’s about to rip his entire legacy and family name into shreds. He’s going to be remembered as the guy who cared more about winning an election for himself than the country, and if he loses this one he’s not going to be forgiven by all the people who supported him for so long. This man should be retired and enjoying life yet he’s just unwittingly destroying himself in front of the entire world. I think his wife is also a massive problem, if anyone would’ve been the person to tell him to stop it’s her and she’s encouraging this.

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The line of clyburn were and are very influential and have sway in a key community.

When they make their mind up it’s hard to go against them.

Clyburn remains a key endorsement for any dem

Sure but that wasn’t the only factor. Even without that endorsement it I think Sanders loses tbh. I prefer him but whatever it is he has a problem with connecting to southern voters. The establishment rallied around Biden immediately even though he started that primary terribly.