Alisher Usmanov


ha! i actually hand on heart freaked out a little. Thanks for letting me know. :smile:


Go on make your anti-Usmanov case I’m listening. I’m sure he probably has done worse things. But when you hear about Kroenke moving a football stadium to another state and then not even refunding season tickets for upcoming seasons for fans in the prior state then you’re not going to convince me he wouldn’t do anything to make a dollar if he could.


That’s true about orders of magnitude. I dunno though, I think any time you try to apply morals to football/a business as massive and unregulated as this one it’s going to end up getting pretty messy. Trying to figure out which big businessman are less iniquitous than the others is going to be a very sticky operation. Look at Florentino Pérez, for example, or Real Madrid in general, which wouldn’t seem to have a hand in too much overtly ugly business like Usmanov, but if you get deeper into it you’ll find that he’s in cahoots with practically everyone and anyone who has had a hand in impoverishing a major percentage of our country/leaving it in near economic ruin.

Kroenke, meanwhile, probably voted for Trump. How do you weigh such things on the scales?


Fixed. But if Usmanov’s crime is merely stealing nationalised industries, which might not be the extent of his crimes, but if it is I’m not sure it’s worse than lobbying to get rid of poor people’s health care to reduce your own tax bill.

Ideally we’d be fan owned.


I’m sure our major sponsors have completely clean hands too. If you’ve ever brought an Arsenal shirt you’re probably indirectly complicit in promoting child labour and economic slavery in developing countries.


Kroenke should take the offer then turn around and buy Manchester United. Two birds one stone :smiley:


Or spurs.
They have just bought a new stadium, just like we had when he bought us.


Recently? Any sources for that?

While Wenger was in vogue with the majority, he backed him, publicly at least.

You don’t think Wenger would be under HUGE pressure to change the minute Usmanov was in the hot seat? if he was still lucky enough to be in the job that is. Come on, get real. Usmanov in is tantamount to Wenger out.


He definitely came out with it a couple of months ago. But as @Powderfinger says, it’s in his interest for nothing to be Wenger’s fault and everything to be Kronke’s fault.

There’s no way Usmanov takes over, shows an interest and keeps Wenger long term while finishing 5th or 6th. My guess is Wenger would still get his two years though but he’d hopefully have to earn anything more than that.


He has a shady past :neutral_face:


Business is business and cash is king. Cant let emotions or morals get in the way. We dont know Kronke or Usmanov on a human level, we only know them as billionaires lets be frank.

We are The Arsenal and we will always have our initial heritage despite who the owner is here on in. Times are changing and if we dont start acting like football isn’t about money we will get left behind. We are competing in the richest league in the world where traditions are getting buried and money is taking over.

So you have to think do we continue with our current structure and neglect competing for the best trophies in the sport, or do we want a piece of the action? If Usmanov came in and we won the CL in the next three years, I can almost guarentee none of us would not celebrate because of our ownership.

We are a sleeping giant with everything in place. Lets wake the fuck up.


Usmanov is most certainly not tantamount to Wenger out.


It pretty much is though really.


Need a tycoon with the same ambitions but who isn’t shady like Man City’s owners. Usmanov is a vicious thug, criminal and rapist apparently :flushed: Morals are important and this guy sounds like complete scum.


I wish I was a multi billionaire because then I’d buy Arsenal and I’d put the top posters from OA in all the leadership positions.

Luke would be CEO.


I think the morals issue is an old one. He’s already got a stake in the club worth hundreds of millions, we’ve already been through all this stuff at various stages in the last 10 years.

If his reputation is a stain on Arsenal then that stain is already there. If he was a newcomer I might think differently but in my head Kronke and Usmanov are already the major shareholders and all that would happen is we’d be losing Kronke, not gaining Usmanov.


Okay. :slight_smile:


If it’s a choice between a dodgy character like Usmanov, who is probably very good at getting what he wants and being a success, or Kroenke who is quite happy seeing us drifting along, while making a massive profit, then I’ll go for the successful owner.

With Kroenke we have stagnated and gone backwards.
He has sat back and done nothing when we were desperate for players, and in seasons where we needed an extra couple of players to get us the title he did nothing.

He is a waste of space who is watching the value of the club go up while investing the bare minimum.
He is immensely wealthy, and the fact he never gave Wenger the money we desperately needed, just proves he couldn’t care less about our club being successful.

So what if Usmanov is an unsavoury person.
He is a winner and will do anything it takes to get what he wants.

Every football club owner is dodgy in some way or other, because you don’t get that rich by being Mr Nice Guy.

All those that prefer Kroenke, see how you feel about him after a few seasons in the Europa League, and all our best players have left.

Or if Usmanov takes over and we are competing for the PL and CL every season, will you be standing outside the Emirates with “Bring back Kroenke” banners?

I doubt it.


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