Alisher Usmanov


Well yeah. Because transfer fees got inflated, that doesn’t mean Arsenal didn’t spend in the past.

Btw. Us not having acquired assets could also mean our scouting was just bad over the past 5-8 years.


This is a good post. While Wenger moans on about the “spending” what the actual big clubs have done is INVEST. Investing signifies to me there is a PLAN. Spending implies buying something that you see that you want even though it might not fit in to a plan (if you have one, which we don’t).


I think because we try and buy talented toungsters cheap and then try to turn them into first teamers. Joel Campbell comes to mind. 5m or whatever he cost and he never developed. Then you’ve got Chelsea buying KDB for big money. He was kind of a sure thing, but we won’t shell out that money on a guy not ready for the first xi. Those other clubs have been doing shit like that for years.


De Bruyne was like 7 million pounds for Chelsea.


De Bruyne cost less than Ox. Campbell was out on loan for ages, never got really a chance until recently and is now again out on loan.


Someone paid a lot of money for him at a young age. But still out scouting is very clearly letting us down.


It’s a bit of an old issue anyway. Usmanov has been involved with the club for a decade as a major shareholder and he’s been dodgy throughout all that time so the damage of him being not a very nice man is kind of done already. It’s not like he’s emerged out of nowhere.


anyone still want him at the club?


He’s trying to endear himself to the fans because like many of our board members they’re out of touch with how the fans feel about Wengers reign.


I’m not 100% against Wenger having input in to the decision. But if you let him name his successor he will find a way to name himself.



Doubtful that Kroenke would sell, right?


Would be great for us as fans but from what I can gather we’re valued at 2billion. So 1.3 for 66% of our shares doesn’t represent profit for Kroenke. So I doubt he sells unless he sees more value in another farm ranch.


At this stage I’m passed caring about who owns the club and whether they’re ethical. So long as we have an owner that’s willing to invest in improving the long term footballing structure of the club that’s all that matters to me. At the end of the day many of these billionaires are ruthless crooks with shady backgrounds.


Promising!! Fuck Kronke


Fuck Kroenke completely. It was he who sanctioned the ‘buy a superstar’ deal that ended up with us getting Ozil, but the motive was entirely geared for financial gain as a result.

We would lose any sort of moral high ground on Chelsea, but at this stage who really gives a toss.

I want my club back.

edit: If ever there was a time to lay off Wenger and focus on the owner, it’s now. Not that i believe it matters.



Who the fuck cares if we have a good team and winning stuff.


im sure i said ‘toss’ but ye :smile:


It’s about three times what he paid so it most certainly does.


You know as well as I do it’s hardly the most lucrative offer he could receieve though.

That being said, it represents a huge chunk of his existing wealth ($7b?) so perhaps…

edit: oh and you are absolutely right, its absurd profit, no matter which way you cut it.