Alexis Sánchez



Sanchez still watches movies in VHS I suppose




Interested to see how he performs under OGS if he goes back to his 2014/2017 Arsenal form it could be a big decider in who finishes above who


Yea United might finish ahead of Leicester




Can you imagine if we just accepted that City bid in August 2017. We would have had got a good sum for him and wouldn’t have got Mkhitaryan. We fucked up this transfer reaaaaal bad ffs


Could have bought Lemar with that amount of money (albeit he looks nothing special with Atletico) :laca:


Yeah but we’d have ended up with Lemar for £92m which may well have been the worst piece of business ever conducted by a football team lol


Great bantz tho !



On loan?


Alexis would be mad to return. Just sit on your fat contract boy. These guys don’t know what campamento means. Drain Man Utd just like big boss Mourinho did. :joy::scream::joy::joy::joy:


We would be mad to receive


Sanchez was great here because Wenger allowed him the freedom to play to his strengths and dictate his game.
Mourinho was the opposite, and dictated his defensive and boring tactics on Sanchez, consequently he didn’t perform the same as he had here.

So if Emery can’t get Ozil to play the way he wants, I would imagine someone as stubborn and single minded as Sanchez, under Emery, would be even less useful.

Sanchez left here for the simple reason that we aren’t as ambitious as he is.
What has he seen from us this season to make him change his mind?


Sanchez is shit now it’s got nothing to do with the coaches. He’s been on the slide since his last half season with us and I didn’t even like him before that.


Didnt work out with Wenger in the end. Hasnt with Jose and not looking good with OGS right now. One way or another he has lost form and needs to look at himself now.
The ship sailed now for him here. Move on and leave it for united to sort him out.


Sure he can come back, I hear we have a vacancy for a cleaner available.


He can go sit on a lightning rod.