Alexis Sánchez


Its your opinion so fair enough but I don’t think you would find any Arsenal fan who would rate Henry our 4th! best player haha


Ah the same low effort video you always post in response to a legitimate argument

Giroud has a bigger impact for Arsenal in the CL than Alexis did, that’s objectively true. Difference is nobody is sad enough to compile Alexis’ lowlights from various big CL games.


Wright is a funny one. I’d probably need a blinkered view (almost like that guy who said Giroud did more for us in the CL than Sanchez) to rate Wrighty more.

I like Ian Wright more than I like Henry. But do I think he’s better than Henry? Nah. I’d be stupid to say that


Well you see, I can’t actually be bothered to argue that much with a delusional fanboy such as you.

If it was for you, we would still be stuck with the french donkey instead of buying Laca or Auba.

We have been shit of in the CL for quite a while, so I don’t really care Giroud goal in our heroic defeats against Bayern, and against Bayern, and against Bayern, and Monaco.


So yeah Alexis Sanchez is a big game player, right?


Was, now he’s well a player… maybe


Which is all the more reason to love him.

Stealing out of United’s wage budget and contributing like John O’Shea


No :rofl:


Wembley player for sure.

That place was like his playground


Hang the fuck on. O’Shea was immense for united in comparison to Sanchez.


WTF our 4th best player ever, I hope you mean our as in the world and not Arsenal.


If one is four, Henry is definitely out 4th best player.


Explain how he’s better than Bergkamp, Adams and Vieira


I love Thierry with a passion but I’ll never forget the chance he missed that would have put us 2-0 up in the 2006 CL final :cry:


We don’t talk about that round here :shushing_face:

Hurts too much


Bergkamp penalty miss in 1999 hurts more. Just saying (seeing as we’re into this sick masochistic stuff today)


Myself and a mate got on the piss at like 730am straight after that game, legit drank all day to numb ourselves it was fucked.


As a modern fan 07/08 and 15/16 trump that Champions League final.

We got beaten by a better team, fair play.

Although I think I’ve said that before.


Yeah we got better by a better team but we were still only 13 minutes from being European Champions so it hurt like fuck. I hear you though the 2004 exit to Chelsea hurt more even more.


He’s better at scoring, assisting and dribbling. Bergkamp can’t even beat him for creativity. Take him out of any of the squads we won things with him there and we couldn’t have won the things we won. And we wouldn’t have gone to the CL final without him.