Alexis Sánchez


So when you think of big players for the Arsenal, Sanchez springs to your mind ? Not for me !!


He had him throughout his prime so no regrets. Was unbelievable in his 1st season and 16/17. I would still say he’s our best Emirates era player


I agree.
For a couple of seasons he was not only our best player but the best player in the PL, and the amount of points we gained through him playing for us can’t be under estimated.
I’m glad he hasn’t replicated that form for Man U, but for us he was a great player.


Sanchez didn’t leave us in that bad a manner that we need to dismiss his contribution for 3 straight seasons.
He earned us back every penny we spent on him


What is he on? 500k a week? Him and Özil are absolutely taking the piss. Get paid big money don’t give a feck after signing the contract.


Well I grew up watching Rocastle, Wright and Henry play for us !? Sanchez doesn’t even compare !!


Depends on your generation really, I’ve only really seen the Emirates era and Alexis is the best I’ve seen play for us


Calum said big game player, not big player.
In grand scheme of things, yes Sanchez will not be remembered as those two.

I am simply stating that Arsenal fans should not have any reason to hate Sanchez. He saved our necks plenty of times, won us things and before he became shittier than 6 month shit that he was in 2017, he fucked off to shit the place in United. What’s not to like?


Big game player? The guy went consistently missing in our biggest CL matches.

Oli G made a bigger impact in our CL campaigns during the same period.


You don’t think scoring against United, Dortmund, Chelsea(Cup final), City etc qualifies him as a big game player?


Exactly. He did more in big games than Henry did.


Depends on how we’re defining big games. There are semi finals and finals, in which Henry admittedly did not really do a great deal (in terms of goals at least), but I think for most people “big games” isn’t solely defined in this way.

League matches, FA Cup matches and earlier stages of the CL can also be classed as big games when you are playing other big teams, and Henry consistently delivered in these matches. Madrid away, Inter away, his scoring record against teams like Man U, Liverpool and Chelsea all demonstrate that he was a big game player in a sense. That hattrick against Liverpool when it looked like things could be crumbling, which included that goal, is one of the best examples.

Put some respect on his name!


I agree that Henry going missing in big games is a ridiculous statement. I mean he’s scored at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, WHL, Anfield, the Stadio Olimpico, the Mestalla, the san Siro, the Bernabeu, etc.

However, his glaring missed opportunities (missed the 2005 cup final, may as well have been absent in the 2002 and 2003 finals), the 2006 champions league final, the Chelsea game in the champions league in 2004. This is where we’d expect him to have done better.

That’s not to say he’s not a fantastic player and perhaps our 4th best player ever. It’s just that Alexis does more in a big game


It’s more finals rather than big games.


Sure I agree, massive impact in getting us eliminated almost single-handedly.

Deluded fanboy.


Next someone will be telling me Messi is the fifth best player in the world


4th best?!


Ah so you dont agree Flakey Boy?


Bergkamp, Adams, Vieira all ahead of Henry in my opinion


I don’t agree, and being a pesky millennial, I decided to express this via the medium of silly gifs.

I suspect you favour Adams, Bergkamp and Wright above him (in that order), and that’s fine. I’m not mocking you, just strongly disagree.