Alexis Sánchez


Interesting view


Now I feel bad.

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My dog has literally never told me a joke, nor laughed at one I told him.

I just thought I’d point that out because dogs and humans are not the same and I’m not sure everyone understands that.


This is all rather deep for an Alexis Sanchez thread but blind loyalty isn’t everything. Also as much as I love my cat you can’t really compare them to your family/close friends


Do you really love your cat or do you only love what your cat can do for you?


And just like that…my mind was fucked.

Never change OA :arteta:


When I bumped this thread this afternoon to laugh at Sanchez I did not expect the thread to go in this direction. More fool me :joy:


Ironing-cat House_Cat_Using_The_Washing_Machine 43b04294002704f0bcdcee9418452d8b download House_Cat_Cleaning_The_Bathroom


Other than sleeping, eating and shitting. They don’t really do anything. :slight_smile:


I think you’re probably right.
I said before that the freedom that Wenger gives his players is far more than any other manager and for a player like Sanchez to go from a manager like Wenger to someone who is a very strict tactician like Mourinho was always going to be a problem.

Saying that, Mourinho has had a history of clashing with his biggest players at every club he has been at and is happening at Man U.
His habit of publicly criticising his own players is never going to work especially with players with massive egos like Pogba and Sanchez but as long as he carries on shifting the blame to players rather than himself it is great to watch.


50 new posts and for what…


Why do you think so?
It most likely a case of a normal person doing cringey stuff.


Alexis just sounds like a bit of a loner.


Good read this


Burn out, is best described.
Playing in a system that not made for him, isn’t help at all.


Serves the greedy little bastard right .
He turned his back on The Arsenal for huge rewards and his career is unfolding around him .


It was always about the money for him !! Bye and good riddance he won’t be remembered for too long.


Didn’t he score in 2 cup finals for us?


and two semi finals. He was brilliant for us, ultimate big game player