Alexis Sánchez


Imagine someone logging onto OA wondering why this thread has so many new posts, only to find it’s all about his bloody dogs :arteta:


If they know OA they should know it would be some random shit :joy::joy:


Indeed. I prefer cats.


I mean, he’s making 500k a week. Yeah, he’s a weirdo fucker. No point in showing any compassion then.


He’s obviously trying to test which frame fits best with the feng shui of his living room :joy:

There was a banner at the Emirates entitled “good boys” that has Alexis pictured with his dogs that wasn’t met with wide spread condemnation :expressionless:

Arsenal fans have a wierd interest in Alexis and his pets


So basically never laugh at anyone ever, because you should be showing compassion, in case they have issues or mental health problems?

Do you understand how football fandom works?


You’re welcome to show all the compassion you like. I doubt you’d meet much resistance.


Jakey with a few drinks has absolutely no filter :joy::joy::joy:


He is drunk lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!


Arsenal fans loved him, all he seemed to love was his pets. Ergo, a banner was made about his pets.

If he seemed to show any interest in anything other than dogs it wouldn’t be a thing.

It’s his weird obsession, not anyone else’s haha


I think this is hindsight talking. Most were gutted he was leaving and United fans were loving it. He had his best even season before moving to United and working under Mourinho. His stats for the 17/18 were down sure, but still pretty good and most put it down to instability

He always lost the ball loads of times and he broke down our team play but most were saying ‘he was trying to make things happen’.

I was personally a big critic of him losing the ball, but most weren’t.


Not gonna lie this did make me genuinely laugh


Its kind of unnerving when a total stranger online nails your character like this


I might have agreed with you many years ago but after knowing many people and many dogs, I’d go with the dogs every time. People are cunts. Podolski who is way less weird agrees.


Sounds like you’re probably quite damaged if you think so little of actual humans.


Sanchez is obviously a bit of a loner and seems a bit dysfunctional, so when he is playing under a manager with a similar personalty they are bound to clash.

I like it.
it’s highly entertaining watching our former best player struggle to get in the first team of one of our biggest rivals, managed by someone as loathsome as Mourinho.


Humans are the animals that have shown the most cruelty to their own species more than any other species.


We’re talking about who you choose to depict in framed photos in your house. Unless your family, significant other, friends are particularly cruel then I have no idea why you’d take the position you’ve taken, or why you’re even saying that in this thread. Hence me wondering if you’re damaged.


I think it’s more to do with Wenger putting him nearer to goal with absolute freedom and Mourinho keeping him in his own half with little freedom than a clash of personalities.


People whether in picture frames or not are generally not very loyal. And dogs are generally the most loyal creatures. If you have experienced loyalty with people close to you up until this point in your life that is fortunate and perhaps because those that could betray you are not in a position to do so where they would profit. The test of any man or woman is when they can profit at your expense. And with a dog you don’t have such worries with them.