Alexis Sánchez


He’s no worse than he was for us tbh. I think people were just expecting some kind of revival.

I’m still not sure if he’s"lost a yard" as they say. I’m no sports scientist but he’s getting dispossessed more and his turns feel a little more sluggish and predictable than they were 18 months ago.


Redcafe have officially turned on Alexis.

It’s glorious.


Since he moved 8 games 1 goal 0 assists. Mkhitaryan 8 games + 1 sub, 2 goals 5 assists


He wanted to move, right? He has only himself to blame.


Wonder if City are happy now, dodged a bullet maybe?



The hope is he becomes their new Rooney, ie a player guaranteed first team action that’s well past it but has a too high wage to shift


30 goals and 50 games (all comps) in the 2016/2017 season. Given total freedom at Arsenal, serving up maybe one of his personal best seasons of his career, stats wise? Not the best side to have jumped to as this Man Utd team seem slightly in disarray in regards to the management.
A change of management could see him reach those heights he achieved whilst with us. It then comes down to fitness as he turns 30 this year.


Maybe but I doubt it, Sanchez’s style suits free flowing football and tactical flexibility down to the ground.

If he was playing Pep he’d probably be tearing it up right about now just like he did for him at Barcelona and the other managers (Biesla, Sampaoli & Wenger) who all encouraged that style of football in one way or another.

It’s a little hyperbolic but Aleixs effective sold his sole to the devil when he choose Mourinho’s money & philosophy over Pep Guardiola’s.


Not sure why he just didn’t wait until the summer and go to City. Crazy decision on his part.


are you… really not sure? :moneybag:


No doubt, football reasons didn’t even come into it.

He chose the $$$ for this shit, City could well win a treble this season and be repeat PL winners next season.

I couldn’t quite believe it at first that he would choose to go to United over City and Pep, he should’ve spoke to the likes of Hazard and asked them what it’s like playing under Jose. Definitely paints Sanchez in a certain way and that’s aside from the stories of him being public enemy #1 behind the scenes when he was still here.


Come on guys and girls, are we really doing this? I could care less about this guy now he no longer plays for us but he’ll come good for United. Just needs sometime to adjust, we’re really clutching at straws here if we think he’s turned to shit in a matter of weeks.


“Don’t enjoy this song – it’ll finish soon”

“Don’t enjoy your weekend, you’ll be back to work before you know it”

I don’t get it when people suggest we shouldn’t get a little bit of pleasure out of situations like this. We know it won’t last – we’re not numpties! But what harm does it do to enjoy the current Man United fan meltdown and the jokes etc?

Once Sanchez starts playing well again, i’ll stop laughing at him and go back to laughing at Titus Bramble. No big deal.


I take no pleasure in it at all, but many fans were saying a lot about how we got the bad deal. So far mhiki not by much has out performed him. And it shows that it was not our manager but the player which begs the question when can you scrutinize a player for bad performances. On redcafe some are blaming the manager a tactics but no manger tells a player only complete 42% of your passes


He’s been quite shit all season and players drop off at a certain age. His form will probably rebound sooner or later but it could be Mourinho’s system won’t give Alexis the same chances to shine as Wenger’s did. Over his time here Alexis averaged between 3.4 to 3.6 shots per game. So far at United he’s average 2.2 in the PL and 0.5 shots per game in the CL. He’s further away away from the goal with less supporting players in their attacks. And even at his best he constantly lost the ball by either overdribbling or passing to the opposition, as he gets older that’s going to get worse.


If Mourinho leaves.


It doesn’t help he’s playing under one of the most negative managers in the world




This shows that’s every decision he makes is about him