Alexis Sánchez


There are lots of posts in this thread that will tell you it is most definitely not just you :laughing:



This is becoming such a huge deal over a tiny random thing, just because it seems Alexis is on the spectrum a little bit.


full sentences, 3 dots to illustrate log pause, capitalising to place emphasis on the word ‘loves’, conjuctions.
Even mask the sentence with improper comma & space placement to make it look like Sanchez wrote it.

Confirmed. United provides better service to their players than Arsenal.


Sanchez’ Twatter ghostwriter sure has been busy of late


Still a cunt though. Our dressing will be so more relaxed without him.


Pretty sure he probably just does his social media himself and he hardly speaks english so yeah maybe he’s just a little dumb? Lol kinda feel sorry for him almost., I’m sure that feeling will dissipate when I see him scoring and celebrating with United.




Can we sell this dude every week?


If you happen to have FIFA 17, yes.


Rich cunt.



This kinda shit would wind me up no end. It’s what Wilshere used to do as well.


And that was every week; look at ozil a reaction at the end; tells you all you need to know.


Love the straws people are grasping at to make themselves feel better about Alexis leaving.


Jesus, I’m becoming more like AC every day… I need a vacation.


Vacations don’t cure a blackened soul.


nah man i’m not evven trippin dawwggg. As soon as Alexis left our team immediately started playing better. Alexis was a great guy and helped us win many trophies, but this season he was gash affffff tho. Seriously he was fuckin whack and his time here was over. Let united have him, as long as we get Auba I ain’t even trippin tho.


We’ve lost a great player, there is no doubt about that. Lost a player who can score a goal out of nothing. A bona fide match winner.

But equally, we should not forget that so much of our play was channeled through him and his departure may lead to an improvement on an aggregate level. I remember the final days of Thierry and we did the same thing, everything went through him to the detriment (I think) of our overall capability as a team. I’m hoping we see a similar effect over the next 6-12 months as we adapt to playing without Alexis.


He can go do circles on the spot at United. Fuck him already.