Alexis Sánchez


Ignorant perhaps, not racist.

As OA’s chief snowflake my word is final


Say the spanish man who hates negrito chileans.


Luca’s comment isn’t really racist either though there’s a drug epidemic around the world, Americans are the worst but they don’t escape it in South America either so, if anything ignorant as you said, but racist, no.


The majority of South Americans are mestizo. Followed by escaped Nazis and Italian fascists (see what I did there).


Nazis more. Eichmann and Mengele above all. Chile has a nazi camp called “Colonia Dignidad”


Yeah but mestizo isn’t really the same thing as brown people. You have tonnes of people with moorish mix in Spain, Italy, France, all over europe really, but you wouldn’t really call them brown people.


Yeah I didn’t say Luca was being racist. I liked the post because it’s probably a good thing if people occasionally remind him not to be ignorant, some of his comments cross the line on occasion, and are basically only tolerated because we all know he’s totally harmless :slight_smile:


It was a failed to joke.


Yeah I get you man, I’m not having a go at all :+1:


it doesn’t hurt as much as Van Persie leaving for United or Fabregas to Barca and then Chelsea, but it’s still gutting to see him in a Man U kit. I want to thank him for the FA Cups and just being excellent for us, but he was a hard guy to really connect with on a personal level as he just seemed a bit distant from everyone else and kind of a strange person


Sorry to see such a great talent leave the club and join manure would much prefaired him go play abroad.

No wonder it took so long for this transfer to go through when they have to recorded that shit intro video for sanchez


makes sense :slight_smile:


Fucking traitor dogs! This hurts more than seeing Alexis in a United shirt!


Is he still in London?



Don’t worry King we don’t listen to nonsense :heart_eyes:


So Alexis is playing dirty? Fucking cunt.


Didn’t know Alexis had a kid


he is probably second in importance to the dogs


Maybe it’s just me but I am not too bothered by Alexis joining United. I had come to terms with the prospect of him leaving and perhaps joining one of our erstwhile rivals a long time back. I know I will feel the same way when Ozil decides to leave. Just don’t care enough anymore. I don’t wish him the best but neither do I wish him the worst. Just have no feeling towards him or anyone else in this Arsenal team.

Having said that, I think the impact he will have on United is being overstated by most, especially their fans. His quality is undoubted but so are the problems that come with it. It will be interesting to see how he and Mourinho get along. Alexis won’t be happy defending all along, playing on the counter. He will want to be on the front foot most of the time, not exactly Mourinho’s style, especially against the big teams. Whatever happens, at the end of the day, I couldn’t care less about him or United.