Alexis Sánchez


We looked good but it’s been one game against Palace. Not really a strong indicator of our play actually turning around. We’re about to get the answers in the difficult fixtures we have coming up.

Not really about fawning over him though is it. Performances and hard work deserve well wishes. He’s stepped up time after time for Arsenal. Even a simple acknowledgement of his work ethic and quality is more than deserved. A downbeat attitude and unfriendly relationship with other players shouldn’t take away from the respect for his contributions and global standing while here.


I cant see it working like that. If you were in an office job and someone treated you like shit day in day out but did a fantastic job in general for the employer if one day he said to you i am leaving. You wouldnt shake his hand and be like ‘your contribution to this company has been outstanding’ you would be like ‘thank fuck for that, dont let the door hit you on the way out’ you might say a couple of words as in a fake sorta ‘i wish you the best in the next place’ but in general you would just be relieved that they are gone and secretly would want a party.


This whole situation could have been avoided if Wenger hadn’t insisted on keeping him.


I see what you guys mean but I don’t think it’s that comparable to a normal 9-5 city job.


why isnt it? It may not be an office job but you still have to be around the person, if not maybe even more so than in an office setting because you have him as a part of your team so you have to train together etc, in an office setting you just stay at your desk you see the person coming you go somewhere else cant really do that when your job is to play with said person.


You don’t know that they didn’t. Maybe when he packed up his locker and said goodbye they wished him well, you just have a gripe because it isn’t public. And there’s no need for it to be public, this is what I mean about this only being an issue in the age or social media.

Also, it’s up to his manager, people more senior, to thank him for his work. His colleagues have no obligation to do so. If I left my job I’d expect my line manager and bosses above that to thank me for my work, if I had earned it. I wouldn’t expect people on my level to thank me for the effort I put in daily.

Anyway, it’s fine for us to disagree, I don’t see either of us changing our opinion here.



They use an huge amount of drug in South America.


They do here. It’s called money.



Luca continuing to perfect his casual stereotyping



I must say and ashamed to admit it. I haven’t been following Arsenal as much in the last few years. But I seriously don’t think we should be too butt hurt about him leaving us. All this talk about him being a mercenary, he did spend four years at Arsenal. He didn’t do what Van Persie did. Have everyone forgotten how Van Persie forced a move by posting a statement on his site? That one hurt. Should just accept and thank Sanchez and move on. We even got a very good player who had been our target in the past as a replacement.


No they produce a huge amount of drugs in South America… we use a huge amount in North America. Casual racist much?


Fuck off starbucks boy :slightly_smiling_face:


It was a joke, but what about Colombia and their drug cartels?


For the record, Starbucks is shit. Second… why the hostility? You seem to have anger issues.


Lmao getting into character to join Luca on redcafe, no offense just business.


Sorry, I didn’t catch on to the joke. You seem like a sweet boy Luca… I just want you to be aware that making negative generalizations about an entire continent of brown people is kind of racist. I like to let people know when they say racist shit because sometimes people aren’t aware of how fucked up the things they say are, that’s all. Love you, man!


I apologize. It was a failed joke.


tbf this could be interpreted as a bit racist/ignorant as well, considering the massive amount of caucasian population in South America. But meh, enough snowflakery for today :cowboy_hat_face: