Alexis Sánchez


Just announce it. Everyone knows he is joining Manure.



Sanchez should hire Ozil’s copywriter.


Update on Alexis Sanchez and why this deal might be taking a little longer than expected…

Sanchez arrived to work in the UK in 2014 so must apply for an extension to his existing work permit. He will have to apply for an extension in person.

An application requires a valid certificate of sponsorship from his new club and requires the endorsement of the governing body.

The Home Office does not comment on individual cases but we understand Sanchez will not have to leave the UK in order to meet any extension requirements.

So if you’re getting a work permit yourself today, maybe keep an eye out for a guy in a Manchester United tracksuit…


Utd fans…


Can probably find Arsenal fans doing the same, on there. Twitter is a community of the lowest of lowest cuntbags, the level of responses on tweets is just… ugh…

Except Ornstein’s tweets of course.







Having fun with the most dispossessed player in europe, I’m sure Mourinho’s defensive style will suit him.


Little dig at former club legends followed by a comparison to Thierry Henry’s Barcelona move.

Nice one.


Who do you think he means? Henry? What did he say?


So this is why he’s not been focused. Too busy learning to play the shittest song in the world on piano.




Nice goodbye message from Alexis.

Thanks for your time with us and the good memories :slight_smile:


Great footballer and a great athlete. Works hard and earns his success. Don’t care what he does in his future career. As for us, what’s done is done. We made our bed years ago and now we start over again. I only have hope that we might be a better possession team as a result of this.


Didn’t thank the gaffer…


You have a fair point. Guess I am just annoyed with the fact he seems to be stoking our fans and carving a royal image of Sanchez’s desire to stay at Arsenal. He was on £130k (presumably if the report is correct) and wanted to triple it.


Remember how excited Man United fans were to sign ADM? And that didn’t end too well. And then Depay followed… A small part of me* wants that shirt number to be a complete jinx.

OK, a big part of me.


hmmmmm are you sure about that Arsene?


Lingard is starting to get on my tits man.cant wait till he gets benched. And I see him at Preston North End in 3 years.

Probably end up a transfer target for us tbh :arteta: