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I think Mourinho is spiteful enough to buy Ozil, win the PL, and throw it back in Wenger’s face.
In the right team Ozil is brilliant, he might not be the hardest working but he is a match winner, especially if he is surrounded by similar quality players, which he isn’t here.



I actually agree totally with that!

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Jesus Ozil gets some some hate from Arsenal fans, wonder what they will say when he heads elsewhere and is a key part in winning major honours.



Well if he is available on a free, he won’t have to buy him. And I don’t think he’d take him out of spite, especially if he had no plans to play him - which seems to be the view of some United fans, who insist there is no room for him in their starting 11. They might have a point. Yeah he might make a comment, but I think he’ll do that if we lose Sanchez and Özil on a free regardless of their destination.

I don’t think many people can complain about this situation. A lot of people admired Wenger’s stance. I, for example, can’t have a go at him for doing something I wanted him to do. We don’t even know if it was the wrong decision yet anyway. It’s still early in the season - Sanchez could prove pivotal. And Özil should come good and might even sign a new contract.



That’s the problem with this club or with Wenger or both. We always feck around all transfer window only to make a panic buy at the end of the window and in this case we fecked up.

It’s also telling Ozil isn’t playing anymore and Sanchez plays but also with the brakes on.

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They’re both in their last year of contract - don’t think they give a shit about minor obligations like media events etc. They know whatever they do this season, the outcome at the end will be the same, they leave. So they basically have a free reign to do as they please. 100% clubs fault.



I was for keeping them both. Arsenal is not in the position that they need to sell in order to buy. I’ve said it multiple times though; not managing to sign at least one u-23 player to rotate with these two guys was just stupid. And we might have chased Lemar for the whole summer, but when plan A doesn’t succeed you go over to plan B.

For as far as selling them goes to finance other positions; Arsenal have such a big squad that selling other players for the position we wanted to strengthen (Chambers or Mustafi, Elneny or Coquelin) should have been the way to go.

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The ideal situation would have been to get Lacazette and another top quality player to show Ozil and Sanchez we mean business and we aren’t just aiming for a top four place and it might have persuaded them to stay.

But with both of them, and Cazorla, not being here next season it is going to be almost impossible to get three replacements for them.
Even if we did, it would only get us back to the position we are already in.

This has been handled about as bad as it could be.
Rather than buying quality players to play alongside the world class ones we have, and maybe get them to sign new contracts, we are going lose our only top class players and replace them with inferior versions.



That should have happened before this summer. We’ve failed over the last 3 years to buy top class players of their calibre or at least of sufficient quality.

The “Petr Cech summer” as it will forever be known still irks me.



I agree with nearly everything you are saying but if we got 3 quality replacements including a Cazorla one, we would be better off as Cazorla hasn’t really been part of the equation for 2 years.



You’re probably right.
It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla playing behind Lacazette.
It could have been a great attacking combination with those three in a midfield, and would have been one of the best in the PL.
Next season they won’t be here and Ozil and Sanchez possibly at rival clubs.
It will be interesting to see how Wenger sorts out that mess.

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He was a key player for Real when Josè managed them.

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He could get away with it for Real as they only play a few tough league games every season!



Obligation is the key word here for me, minor or not. If they are contractually obliged to attend such events then they should do so.

I don’t personally give a shit if they attend such events or not to be honest, but if we are paying then they should be keeping up their end of the contract in full.



This is just another example of player power.
It’s been happening more frequently in recent seasons.
If the rumours are true it’s happened to Mourinho at Chelsea, Moyes and LVG at Man U, it’s also been seen at Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.
This season both Crystal Palace and Everton seem to have had problems between players and managers.

Players should have more respect, if not for the manager, but the supporters who pay their wages.



The penalty if they dont attend is likely so minor they don’t give a shit. Forget the moral side of things if that’s what youre getting at.



It’s about respect for me. Regardless of where they see themselves next summer, they are currently contracted to Arsenal and should respect the club who pays their wages. Of course we haven’t heard their side of the story but it’d be quite a coincidence if the two players who had good excuses just so happen to be those two.

Even Debuchy was at the media day and we’ve treated that guy like a leper!

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I don’t know if it’s a moral point I’m making. I just think that if it is stipulated in their contract that they have to attend events like this then they should do so. The club is paying them so they should hold up their end by doing their job, and I’d imagine that this is part of their job according to their contract.



You’re right but they aren’t going to go out of there way to attend things like this if they have something else they would rather do.
They know they are leaving after this season and the sort of fine we would give them isn’t going to bother them.
Even if we did fine them, it wouldn’t exactly endear them to the club, and their performances could be affected.
In this sort of situation, the players hold the power and there is nothing the club or Wenger can do about it.

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Yeah you’re not wrong

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