Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


People really need to get over the ‘but he could have been cheaper last season’ bit.


Let’s first see who we get. Losing Alexis and only getting Lacazette would be crap as usual.


At £25m, Mahrez is worth the punt; pocket change these days.

In regard to Lacazette, there’s no arguing he is quality; it’s whether he can step it up to a new level at Arsenal against higher quality opposition and a price-tag reputation.


I’d have thought it’d be a bit more than that. Is that the rumoured fee?


few murmurs; but yeah fee is seemingly £25m or £41m


Because Wenger isn’t a manager who can anticipate what he needs prior to underachieving. He is a trial and error manager. He won’t go out of his way to sign players unless he absolutely needs to, and he only needs to because other people (players) force his hands by abandoning his sinking ship.


£25m would be an absolute bargain, would be delighted if that was the fee. Seems unlikely though, they could definitely get upward of thirty you’d have thought


For £25m I’d want to do just to keep him out of other clubs hands, even if it means making him ride the bench because we kept Arsenal.


I wonder if the sneaky bastard worked a release clause in when he signed a new contract.


We’ve done well to seemingly get this wrapped up so early in the window, if or most likely when Aubameyang moves we would have had real competition for his signature. Maybe talks break down between United & Madrid, then we’re fucked.


Get in done today! Please! :giroud3:


Glad he chose us over teams that did qualify for Champions League.


Wenger factor!! It’s still there!!! God’s be praised!!



The prices reported are more than fair for a striker in his prime banging goals for fun. There’s a real lack of available clinical strikers on the market and this is realistically the best we could have done. Good signing!


I’m slowly getting hyped about Laca


Is he in London?


Reporting it is most likely £53m, and suggested he will travel to Australia.


Tomorrow and Sunday will travel with the team.


Poor mans’ Aubemayang?