Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)




Hearing 44 million pounds on Talksport… that really isn’t terrible in today’s market with his stats tbf… solid business - not Mbappe, but I never thought that was realistic… Just disappointed we haven’t snatched up a Dembele (Dortmund one), Tielemans, or the like as well… maybe it is to come and we will still get Lemar (solid)… if Mahrez to AFC is true, that is good depth option and it really starts to get interesting… have to think Sanchez is off, sadly.



Just wait for our slow official website to confirm it now :hipster:



I’m hoping we’re a little more creative than Mahrez, I think there’s better business to be done than that.



I agree - just haven’t heard anything other than Lemar (CM?), Mbappe (Haha yeah right), and Mahrez.

Who else could we be after?


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It’s understood that Lacazette will be in London tomorrow to complete the formalities of the deal, including a medical, and could be announced the same day if all goes well.

It’s not a question of if anymore, but when he becomes an Arsenal player.


Be honest you have the player thread already made but unlisted until the club announce it haven’t you :wink:



I expected to be able to think of a few guys but only Balde Keita came to mind :joy:

I haven’t actually watched too much of him live but enough to know he dribbles well and the quality/volume of his shots look good.

He’s seemingly available too with only a year left on his deal.

I guess Mahrez would be a pretty good buy, would be nice if the club also looked to bring in a few low priced gambles too even if they’re guys we loan out.



This is actually really good and you’d just hope someone else thinks of it before the usual dullards start up with the recycled chants!



NO :santi:

Mysty the bastard beat me to it!!!



I beat @Bl1nk to it two days ago :joy: I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to steal his thunder… Just quietly waiting for this to be officially done and then it can appear :giroud3:



I’ll admit I haven’t really bought into this transfer. But now it’s nearing it’s completion I’m getting more and more excited about it. Despite Sanchez’s future remaining unclear I should be a bit more forward thinking, and this transfer is definitely a significant improvement on previous striker that we’ve bought.



I cant wait for his debut tbh



I also like that both Lacazette and Mahrez are both only 26, and Xhaka only turns 25 this year. Getting the average first team age down a bit



It appears Monsieur Aulas didn’t get the memo about transfer secrecy… And thank god for that. :slight_smile:

Bienvenue, Lexi Lacazette. (Yep. I said it)

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Very excited if the signing comes off but probably means Alexis is gone.

If we’re signing him this season for £10m+ more than what he was available for last season, makes you wonder why we would wait a year to get him. The only obvious explanation in my head is that now he has to be signed because we’re losing a big player and need a replacement.



Or maybe Wenger has been told to be decisive this season because his fucking dallying is ruining things and was told to forget about fees etc and just fucking name players he wants and we will just get it done. Maybe last season was actually a bit of a wake up call for the board and they know behind closed doors what the causes were/are for us missing out on our targets so maybe they demanded that wenger just give names and let them get things done without him fucking about and swapping and changing his mind. Might be one of the things he had to agree to in order to get a new deal…who knows.

Lets face it if the fans can see stuff like this, even if the board are all old farts that are money grabbing you sure as fuck know that they will move their donkey and see the cause of problems pretty damn fast when money and your cash cow is at steak (get it haha :bellerin:) but before because all was working out and they were scraping through they didnt give a shit but shit has gotten outta hand and whether they like it or not it has cost them money.



By who? He does whatever the fuck he wants to.



By Mr Wiggy of course :xhaka:



Well he’s the only one who could but there’s no way he cares enough to do so. Maybe David Dein gave him a kick up the hole or something.

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