Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Ageuro’s was clearly the best


Could they make those clips any shorter ffs


Yea, its pretty hard judge the quality of the goal if you only see the moment they swing their foot at it.


I reckon Sturridge’s goal was the pick. Gets extra credit for being an important goal in a big game.


They gave more time to showing the goal info than the actual clips of the goals.


You have to download the Carling app to vote. Nah fuck that lol


I am kidding. Ageuro’s was a tap in


Absolute :fire: right now.

Pace, movement…

He and Auba look like they are having fun out there.


Just deadly, just deadly atm.


We spunked £50mil on this jobber :laca:


Sell while stocks high. Hope goes in Jan. Stealing a living here.


Still waiting for his haters from last season to turn up :joy:


I’m here mate, it’s good to see, love nothing more than to be proven wrong… it’s a long season and hopefully he keeps it up.





Haha Henry and Wiltord was about the most one sided strike force we ever had


Maybe they could be ever better because both are equals.


I am in love with his Henry esque swag


Is it me or is this boy a bit special?
Doesn’t he know where the back of the net is .


Our very own Aguero. during the Giroud-era i begged for a striker like Laca. Finally a guy who can turn on a sixpence and use both feet.