Alexandre Lacazette (9)




His hold up play really has come ways since Lyon. It just proves that if you come to Arsenal you will have to improve your overall technique and passing. He pulled some crazy long passes against Everton. That volley long through ball to Ozil was majestic.



He is proving all his doubters wrong. Just needed to have a competent manager to express himself well.


what, he had 17 in 39 and was plagued by injuries last season (hardly bad, considering).


Garth Crooks is full of shit. Every time he opens his mouth it’s just blah blah blah. Can’t stand him.


Luv me some Laca. Aguero light if you ask me.


Wenger didn’t manage it well, tbh.


been excellent this season


He is just on fire atm. Keep it up Laca! I especially love his desire to press the first ball.


This is a £50m player



WHERE ARE YOU NOW?? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


He’s playing as well as a striker can without scoring any goals tbf.


Such a rich vein of form right now. Good to see


Goals are all that matter to the people that can’t see what quality is.

Football fans can bring out the “X amount of goals in Y games” stat but football is way more than that.

The players with talent and game intelligence always come out on top in the end.


That’s all well and good but when ur striker is missing sitters, his form is bitter sweet.


Oh just shut up you know nothing about football


Surprisingly I agree with @Arsenal4thetreble

The goals have to come to otherwise we’ve basically got ourselves someone else who does loads of things other than scoring loads of goals. Which is what Giroud essentially was.

Entirely different players but the same kind of principle.


Don’t think it has to do with Arsene. Arsene always got the best out of offensive players. Even the useless ones he managed to make them somewhat useful.
Plus, we had serious depth last season and it was Laca’s first season. Apparently he lacked fitness to start and finish a match by the time he got injured. Not to mention that he barely(if at all) could speak English.
Btw, I don’t know why I’m saying this. For me, Laca had a very good first year and saw progression in him as a player. Was obvious that he was gonna come off this season.


Agreed in that he missed a couple chances but he should have had a penalty and Penazette would have dispatched that, and he made the OG happen. Also, he’s scored the past few games.