Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I wasn’t trying to knock him, he’s been rather good this season, all I was saying is it would have been nice for him to add some goals as reward for his efforts.


Plenty of chances with the upcoming fixtures :wink:


He’s been fantastic this season.

Funny all his haters from last season have disappeared… :thinking::thinking::thinking:



@Arsenal4thetreble, take that! King :laca:


Play him as the winger if you’re going to play anyone.

What with Ramsey being technically poor and Ozil having a mare, Laca is probably technically our best player.

We need him in buildup. Some of his linkup and passing was sexy. On the other hand, it just doesn’t suit Auba, who is a poacher.



What a fucking goal that was


Goal of the season so far imo.

Had his back since day 1 just knew he would be class here. Love how he’s proving it now


He seems to be loving life here at the moment, too. Good to see.

(Except for last Thursday :laughing:)



Yep. Had faith in him since day one. He’s a proper #9, the first we’ve had in a long time. He deserves our backing.


Steady the language, lol fuck up.


He went full Alan Partridge :slight_smile:



Fantastic picture! :heart:


Makes a sick lock screen


Sorry but the lightning is cringe.
It’s a great pic without that.


I hope you have the Mortal Kombat ring tone :slight_smile:


Ahahah! Love this dance :smile:


Yeah top quality finish vs Everton.