Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Podolski … Legend and a left foot shot like a missile



That finish from Olly :giroud2:


What happened last year was not a fair representation for the quality of the squad in my opinion. I think at Arsenal they just ran into the wall of the players and the manager not really connecting anymore. Which resulted in the awful away form we had last season. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect 70+ points of Emery and this squad and with that contending for top four. Unless Emery is really not that good of a manager.


70+ for sure is floor for me… less than 70 and Emery would have had bad first year, regardless of other factors.

I don’t think top 4 is realistic with the current state of the teams above us and our own issues, but I would hope we get back to 75+ honestly - at least give ourselves a chance if ManU collapses and Spurs have a serious wobble for a while. I think we very well see 3 teams at 80+ and another threatening close to 80.


Exactly. Even Messi would have struggled last season. Apart from the defence and Xhaka, the squad look good enough to compete for the 4th spot.


So in other words you are saying our attack is good enough for a top 4 spot which I’m sure everybody agrees, sadly Xhaka and our defence is half our team though.


Yeah, basically. We have to hope to outscore the opponents in every game.


Fuck. There’s insight, for ya.




We don’t know how our football is going to develop in the course of the season though. Especially if Torreira is going to start games.

If Lacazette and Aubemayang are going to start together we really need to add another player with individual skill and if possible some off the ball movement. I think a forward line with either Ozil/Mkhitaryan/Iwobi and Aubameyang doesn’t really work because all three need to get the ball played in the feet and are more players for the combination.




It was an absolutely beautiful hit, if he can only do it more often he’ll have converted me and I’ll be a huge fan.


Laca, if you’re reading there’s a young manboy in Los Angeles who just wants you to be his hero.


It’s really true!!! However regardless he should be a professional and work hard at his craft and be good for himself. Then he’ll get a big payday and a lot of glory.


Comfy there Alex?


In form strikers want to play every game. It’s normal.


Falling asleep on the bench lol!


Yeah I can actually understand his frustration, everyone is going on about his good form yet he’s only scored 1 in 4 or 5 ? Tonight would have been a great chance for him to bang a few in and get reward for effort.,


With some strikers it’s wrong to measure good form by goals scored with others it’s more appropriate.

Laca makes the forward line more functional, that’s as beneficial as a goal