Alexandre Lacazette (9)



Credit where it’s due that was a top class finish.


Best player on the pitch today by a mile



1 in 4 is about the maximum return we’re gonna get from this guy, so glad his 1 goal in 4 matches came as the winner. Class finish tho.


Finally! :smile:


One of the reasons why I love Laca and he reminds me of Drogba so much. He ain’t a Thierry kind of forward but I love how he dares to try his shot. It was a big issue with me whdn we used to walk with the ball to the net. Laca gives keepers and defenders that reality check that he can hurt from anywhere given space.



Close one bl1nk haha


Yeah should have had one. I’m so happy to see him in a rich vein of form. Long may it continue.
Actually hope he won’t be in the France squad.


He’s got that kind of shot in his locker doesn’t he?

Love it.


Fuck me that boy knows where the net is . He has got to be played . His finish was powerful and aggressive. You need those attributes to succeed.


I’m all for Laca and Auba starting for the foreseeable future. If we’re going to be a bit shit then having two players on the pitch capable of finishing a chance fills me with a lot more confidence than having one.

The difference between us and Cardiff was that we could rely on a couple of finishes from our £50m boys and they couldn’t.



Yeah I think I need to remember the position we spent most of last year in. Not only were we awful on the eye but we were mistake laden too. I get the impression Wenger wasn’t hands on like Emery is, and was probably more in the mould of Ancelotti (some big generalisations and assumptions here), so it’s going to take plenty of time and work in training. Just hope the end destination under Emery is worth it.


Can’t recall a finish like that since RvP. Twatting it in at the near post.

He’s probably been our most dangerous player this season. Great to see him and Auba get on the scoresheet. Should hopefully see a lot more of that for the rest of the season.


Remind me of Van Persie’s finish at Anfield.


Reminded me of Podolski vs Neuer


No team for 20 plus years has been this…??


What’s that got to do with what he said?