Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Yeah Giroud used to do that a lot too and he didn’t cost us 50m. Laca is just a cog in the wheel of stupid inexplicable business we’ve been doing over the past several years. Xhaka, Mustafi, Laca, that’s over a hundred million just wasted on mediocrity. He’s better than Xhaka tho I’ll give u that.


Lacazette isn’t getting the opportunities that the other two are. Xhaka doesn’t suit the role he’s being asked to play, while Mustafi just plain sucks at his day job




SInce Walcott and Wenger are gone, he had to find something else to troll the board with.

Team looked much better when Laca came on. His movement looks much better this season now that he isn’t batting an injury.


See a lot of Drogba in Laca. Thinking he would’ve shined at Chelsea.

Anyway, I don’t want to see this guy on the bench unless it’s for an odd game here and there. Need to use our best assets and Laca is one of them.


I know its like Zola at Chelsea and Duncan Ferguson at Everton. Peas in a pod if you will…


Big :laca: showing all his worth recently. Just need a goal now!


Would be a blow to lose him


We aren’t gonna sell him with no chance to replace him. What a fucking nonsense story


Le10Sport is Daily Express level of reliability.


Nonsense story. We cannot replace him.


Sell him, if we can recoup the money we wasted we’d be lucky.


:rofl: my guy has no chill



He’s gonna get a brace today @Calum


MOTM…nice link up play Auba. Keep them on the pitch together please…


Once again, fans ain’t talking just shite. Laca and Auba both in the team, regardless of opposition, is yhe way to go. Use your assets Emery.
Excellent performance by Laca.


We need to start them both every game.

Mkhitaryan and Özil can rotate for the other spot


Deserved goal for our best player in this first month. Well-done Laca!


Proved his worth again today, so happy for him.

In the absence of genuine wingers Laca and Auba should play together especially as they seem to bring the best out of each other.

Sure Emery hasn’t really played two strikers in years previously but part of being a coach is adapting and playing to the strengths of what you have at your disposal, Laca and Auba should play together centrally with Özil in behind.

This experiment of Ramsey as a #10 #needs to be killed off ASAP, it won’t work.