Alexandre Lacazette (9)


See thats fair enough :+1:


I don’t want Auba out wide but we need a system that probably has them interchanging/ playing upfront together , unless Iwobi has improved a lot then @Arsenal4thetreble has a very good point.


These days players who occupy the wing are so involved in games I highly doubt it will limit Aubameyang in any way. Question rather is how well Lacazette fits in the system of Emery.


Auba doesn’t strike me as a Sterling type. If Auba gets the ball on the wing go back and see what he does. He doesn’t take his man on usually or make runs he ends up crossing the ball. We need him in the box ready to pounce.


I don’t see much wrong with Auba out wide if he’s used properly. I think Walcott was pretty rubbish but him out wide was reasonably productive. Auba is like a good Walcott and could easily fill in that kind of role.

Laca isn’t exactly a static forward. He likes to come to the ball too and move around. Auba could get himself plenty of shooting opportunities from a wide starting position on paper and it’s probably the most likely place for him to use his pace and catch out a defence.

Auba isn’t just our best finisher, he’s one of our best attacking players full stop. Having him more involved in the game is no bad thing IMO.

As I see it, the chance of Auba beating an offside trap and playing in Laca is greater than the chance of Iwobi beating an offside trap and successfully playing in Auba.


I think he’s a bit more than what you describe in your last sentence. Pace, ability to pick a pass, dribbling with the ball even if you are of the opinion that his one-v-one game is not of the required level. He has a lot of qualities to impact the game from the wing. We need to optimise the football, our ability to create chances, before focusing on scoring goals. The latter will follow the former if we play well. If that means Aubameyang on the wing that is something we should consider.


Our front three were very narrow today so even if Auba is pushed out wide, he’s basically still playing a supportive striker role.


Don’t see how Auba can’t fulfill the Salah-equse role if played with Laca.

We need to be able to stretch teams out wide, with Mhki and Özil on the wings it isn’t a possibility.


Given how our chances were at an absolute premium today, you’d have to say Lacazette should’ve hit the target with that big chance


Or how about actually touching the ball when he’s all alone with the goalkeeper way off his line? That woulda been nice too.


It had already happened against Chelsea in Dublin, but when he came off the bench we became immediately more dangerous. Him and Auba must start together.


Havin none of this Auba at LW kinda ting. You play him as striker or you dont play him at all simple as.


Showed really well today. We’ve definitely missed his team minded mentality and link up in the final third tbh

He’s done enough to earn a start at CF against Cardiff imo, his showing should be rewarded. Not sure what I’d do with Auba though, i’m leaning to benching/resting him instead of putting him on the wing.


Big performance from the bench!


Yeah, I’d start Laca next or start both somehow.


My guyyyy :sunglasses:


Auba can’t play with his back on the goal. Thanks Laca for the 3 points. :joy:


We all know our most effective front 3, if it is to be that. Ozil’s time at the club is drawing to a close imo


Yeah he played okay I guess. I mean, is it too much of me to want a guy we payed 50m for to score goals, to score some goals?


what is it with your agenda against him? he came on at HT and changed the game