Alexandre Lacazette (9)


lol at the SULO logo! When these bins were introduced in Sweden in the 90’s, the brand was SULO. I was in high school and had a friend who’s nickname was Sulo. He had a rockabilly band called Sulo and the c*cksuckers and we took every sticker we could find, literally hundreds, all over the town. On a gig these stickers were everywhere on stage. On the drum set, guitars, the wall behind the scene etc.
I haven’t thought about this for like 15 years until that logo brought back all memories :rofl:


50.1 lol! They did it again! :rofl:


he had this one moment before his goal, which was awesome but saved fantastically by the goalie. Would have been a brilliant goal.

More of the same pls

Was cutting in from out on the left too, to an extent…


I’ve always said he needs to drop all consideration for link play etc and just focus on poaching goals. Will get better numbers that way


We became more dangerous after he came off the bench. Keep it up :laca:


What a super sub to have ! :+1:


Numbers are a bit overrated imo. Drogba had only two seasons where he had 20 or more goals in a season yet I would pick him as my striker over any Premier League striker but Henry from the past 20 years.


It depends on the type of striker. I expect poachers to score goals and offer little else to the team.

I agree it not always smart to measure success by numbers


We actually did look slightly better offensively when he came on, but is he really as good a finisher as some people and the media led us to believe ?


We did I agree, I was actually gonna come here and praise him until he made some absolute brain dead decisions in the closing 20 minutes or so. Those decisions are just so indicative of our entire mediocrity as a team. We have these moments where you just put your head in your hands and say “what the fuck was he thinking?” Happens about 3 times a match.


His two biggest haters on here are the only two to comment in here so far :eyes:


One scuffed shot when he came on?


I actually have changed my tune and think he needs to start with our current squad though, our wing options are just fucking embarrassing for a so called top club.


With no class winger I’d like to see him and Auba play together, they compliment each other well enough.

Mhki has a lot to prove and should not be an automatic starter.


Yeah I agree, I’d probably have Miki on the bench as things stand.


Looked good. Seemed menacing this pre-season and continuing in the same vein now. Definitely focusing on attacking the goal every chance he gets. I liked his tenacity and passing.


I still feel the same. We are really gonna shove Auba wide to accommodate him? Mediocre at best player. I think we should try Iwobi before resorting to that.


Trolling is an art form for you isn’t it?


Ideally they will interchange as both can play as wingers.

Laca would do well out wide too.


Sorry that my opinion doesnt match yours. I just think we wasted a bunch of money on him.