Alexandre Lacazette (9)


No, as long as Giroud is there, i can’t see too much space for Laca.


They make you win points/games, but they don’t count :smirk:.


They count, he didn’t get labelled Penazette for nothing.



ok, so why is Laca saying GWADA on his instagram when it means wanking ? **from urban dictionary - To masturbate: The sound a man makes when masturbating.**


Gwada is the cool name Guadeloupeans give to their island, which Laca is originated from.


Laca is such a fucking cool guy.

That’s my striker :sunglasses:


I wank to pictures of jet skis all of the time. Don’t know what I would do if I was actually on one in the ocean.


20+G/A this season?


Literally the first thing that popped into my mind after seeing the picture, how on earth it means wanking is beyond me :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: there’s so many twitter memes from Laca’s celebration tweet last night


There’s been a fair bit of chatter about Aubameyang being a killer to Lacazette’s Arsenal career but so far I’d say he’s actually helping his game a lot. Super layoffs and link ups between the two. They’be interchanged between that ST/LW space pretty well so far. Hope we start them both and see if that continues to prove threatening.


Really hope we start Laca and Auba together aswell, two brilliant strikers who have a good rapport together


Would be really stupid to ever start these two together in anything other than desperate circumstances. We have a really great opportunity here to maintain a very good level of quality in the CF position all season long.

Why would you wreck that by playing them together, increasing their fatigue by and risk of injury? Surely makes more sense to rotate the pair, have them compete with the added bonus of no drop off in fitness levels or quality at CF position considering our busy schedule.

Thier ‘connection’ is nothing special really. Auba is the key person here, such is his quality he’ll link up well with up well with any forward with a half decent brain and movement. Lucas, Iwobi, Miki, Ozil and Ramsey are all capable of having a strong link in their own right, makes sense that they can maintain that with Auba and it’ll will yield goals.

Laca is back up for sure, he’ll be important in the early stages of the League Cup and Europa league, we need to keep him fresh for his back up role. Lose Auba and we’re relying on inferior options at CF, maybe eddie we’ll break through

Wenger always said: ‘It’s a marathon not a sprint’. Smart squad management is needed for sure

Unai Emery

And yet someone wants to bench Laca. Guess who :xhaka:


Wenger? :wenger:


Aubameyang has missed 6 games in 4 years or something through injury, not sure how much rest he’ll need.


A yankee :wink:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: My strikers