Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The fact he’s talking about Laca probably means Laca is being shopped around. It doesn’t mean we’ll sell for a cut price fee but we’ll accept a good offer.


Hahahaha we’re the poorest rich club in the league :joy:


Utter bilge…


Or maybe Auba as winger?


I think unless a massive offer comes in or equal to what we paid last summer, Alex will be staying. Even with Aub here now, I still think Laca will be given plenty of game time respectively.


Auba and Laca are sexy together. Can’t be breaking them up already.


Selling Lacazette and then having to only rely on Welbeck lol nice one


I keep forgetting Welbeck is still at this club. I hope they can find a club for him. Probably not though.


If a similar fee was recouped, what sort of forward could Arsenal buy w/the funds? Younger talent?

I’d rather the team held onto Laca (he and Auba looked good together) and concentrate the buys/sells elsewhere.


In an ideal world we could use whatever we get from selling Laca to sign Fekir but this isn’t that world unfortunately lol


Laca’s value shouldn’t come into play really. We shouldn’t be selling players just because they’re worth the most while there are worse players. There’s a reason Laca is worth double what Welbeck is.

If we can bank 20m+ from Welbeck that’s likely to be enough money to put towards an attacking signing.




Question is whether this new regime is going to do the right thing.

Giving Welbeck the re-up would be catastrophic.


Why would we sell a quality striker like Lacazette just because he isnt guaranteed a starting place every game. A season is long and a having a player in Laca’s quality is a must for maintaing a solid form all season.

Unai isnt Wenger and he adapts his team and formation to the opponent. He needs a wide range of players to choose from and Laca should be one of them.


Sell sell sell sell please fuck shitter off already such a waste of money.


We’ve sold Walcott already


Walcott costed less and scored more lel :joy::joy:


We should sell Welbeck, Perez and keep Laca.

That money raised can be used to buy Pavon and job done.

Squad depth is a thing, top teams have it and I see little reason why we shouldn’t.


It would be a big mistake to sell Laca when we’ve got him locked up in his prime years. Unless it is an absolutely crazy offer then let’s see what he can do with a manager that will define a role for him.



Enough for me upfront. Sell Welbeck.