Alexandre Lacazette (9)


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Lol, there’s a fascist segment of basically every European club. If you think that’s bad take a look at Madrid. Actually never mind, the irony of an Italian saying this…


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World-famous star lol


Haha fuck off like he’s gonna want to go to that shit league


Lacazette is too good to be playing for Fenerbahce FFS.

I want him to stay


Oh fuck off if he went to that shit league.


Emery is getting on my nerves if this is true. He’s been here 3 minutes and thinks he can fuck with one of our best players? Laca and Aubameyang formed a great duo at the end of last season. And he’ll be fresh next season with no World Cup


I think if our lack of funds is true and we can get 50 million quid back for him we should sell. At the end of the day we already have a top 10 player in the world in Lacazette’s favourite position and we could use that 50 million quid on a LW or CM.


Are we so poor we have to sell a player that was scoring fairly regularly at the end of last season.

I’ve got no problem selling squad players, like Welbeck, but selling to buy an equivalent player is pointless.


I’d rather have a LW at Lacazette standard over Laca being used sparingly due to the fact we have PEA though.


Too good for Fenerbahce? Compared to being clear backup at a Europa league club for the next 3 years?

I think regardless of our financial situation it just smart business to sell, especially if we can recoup much of what we paid and when you can get similar levels of production from other players at a fraction of the cost.

I don’t think we have a lack of funds but our resources are finite, that’s for sure. I’d much rather invest more money into improving the 11 at CM and Wing.

Laca himself will probably stand a better chance of getting into the French team if he’s starting consistently. Aulas is probably laughing all the way to the bank over how badly he scammed Wenger. Lyon, where Laca used to be the main man, are now in the CL.

Lacazette wasn’t essential to their success and he isn’t to ours. I hope the rumours are true and we sell.


I don’t believe for one bit we can’t spend 70 million on a cm and lw without selling anybody. Before you say we can only buy one of those with 70 million quid, we shouldn’t look at the players who cost 70 million quite.

If Fenerbache is the only suitor for Lacazette we might aswell keep him. The money they will pay (won’t be above 30 million for sure) we can easily get for him next summer too, at least for a large part. I don’t really see the need to sell Lacazette. Especially since I think a major transformation of the squad will not happen right now and they will give it a go with the current crop.


With Giroud gone, what would happen if Aubameyang had an injury and Lacazette had been sold?
That’s enough reason to keep him. especially as it looked as if he had just started to get some form for us.


Yes, I think a player of Lacazette’s calibre should be playing in one of the top 5 European leagues.


If we can recoup a similar fee I wouldn’t be opposed to selling him but unless that’s the case I’d much rather we held onto him.


I’d be backing on the Fact Auba has missed about 6 games in 4 seasons with injury, but true injuries can happen to anyone at anytime.


The combination of Aubameyang and Lacazette is something to give a chance anyway imo. It seems like they supplement each other well.


Rodrigo for Laca. No thanks mate.