Alexandre Lacazette (9)


He should have taken that chance he had last night not long after he received the ball, at least he would have got a shot away.


Rather poor, tbh. He played out wide though so he played out of position.


@Aussiegooner :wink:


forgot a4tt in that also


Auba and Laca are gonna run riot next season :kos2:


Why couldn’t every operation rectify our players like it did with Lacazette?


Shame he couldn’t produce any of that when it mattered at the Wanda, but as long as he does it in meaningless league games :+1:


Burnley have been one of the best defensive teams in the league. In a way they’re like an English version of Atletico, so Laca’s performance today is a positive and not meaningless


Brain transplants have a high death rate I’m afraid bro



Was just about to post this. Wtf bruv why u so fast




Looool atleast he sees the funny side to it tho. #LacaGOD


Gotta love Laca. Wish he had come to my Atléti as planned. :confused:


why dont you go to ‘your’ atleti then and leave us in peace you dont seem to have much of an affinity to this club you dont seem to be an arsenal fan at all.




AC is far too hipster to do something as ordinary as supporting his local team.


It’s ok, AC can have Jamie Vardy instead – maybe he can show him around Madrid, show him where he can purchase WKDs and Skittlebombs :grin:


Sadly, Jamie would fit in quite well among many of my fellow Atléticos. :confused: O, to change back the clock, and have Jamie playing for the Mourinhista club Arsenal and Laca for my colchoneros :heart_eyes:


Agent Laca :laca: