Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Laca with a really strong game overall.

Shame that his breakthrough is likely for naught given the clownish away form this team has.


Decent game, snatched at a couple chances in the first half, shame his goal won’t mean jack shit either in the wash up.


Yay Laca scored a goal. Meanwhile he had like 3 or 4 more great chances that he fluffed, which costed us the victory. Weren’t ppl saying he was a great finisher?


Yeah lol that’s why I said it was a decent game from him. Also played a shambolic ball through to Ramsey when he could have been through on goal 1st half.


It’s a crying shame Auba can’t play for us, we’d have been up 3 nil after about 20 minutes with our legit striker on the pitch, not this fraud Laca.


Quit being a fucking tool. Laca has had a good first season all things considered with this disjointed side and the injury.

He’s already better than Walcott you clown. Give it a rest.


FFS! Laca a fraud? He faced the best goalie in the world. Tool.


Whaaat, I thought Laca was immense! Scored one and had one hit the post. The other chances seemed a stretch. Guy was leaping 6ft over equally high CB’s ffs.


Should have scored more but one of his best games. Won almost all headers against taller defenders and was dribbling in tight spaces.




Completely read over that :man_facepalming:.


Fucking pathetic. He has scored 7 goals in the last 7 games and some people still complain.


He was the most likely scorer but maybe could have done a bit better on a few others. On a side note , thought Oblak could have done better.


I suppose that’s because 2 were penalties, 2 late goals vs West Ham didn’t matter & he had numerous chances vs Atletico and only scored one.


“He’s scored 300 goals in 3 months”

You: “yeah, but did he score any while standing on his head?”



But yeah its good to see him playing a lot better than he was, hopefully he can reach 20 in all comps for the season that includes a brace in Madrid next Thursday night haha.


Loaning attacking players out to Pulis is a disaster tbf.


How’d he play tonight ?


Lol fair he was dead.

So bleak ffs


Sad cause we spent a lot of money on this guy. That 50m could go towards a couple pretty good defenders this season. Hope we can sell him in the summer and recoup some money. Auba and Laca in the same team is so redundant. We needed to keep Giroud.