Alexandre Lacazette (9)


2018 must be a difficult time for you with your boys Walcott and Wenger both leaving in the space of 4 months :joy::joy:


Nah A4TT is happy that Theo is getting the respect he deserves at Everton :clap:




Laca was injured for 2 months FFS!


Didn’t you constantly consider Theo top class because you said you don’t rate Lacazette? So if that’s the case not rating Laca off the same numbers isn’t logical

Either way it doesn’t really matter if Laca is only as good as Theo. Theo at 29 now as a player famed for his pace and much faded from his 12/13 peak needed to be moved on before he became Three Oh Walcott and completely loses his strongest asset.


Who said laca = amazing?


I did tbh. And I stand by it


At least Lacazette shows to have a good level of technic and football IQ. Is 50 million a lot/too much for that? I don’t know. What are the right prices these days?


I actually dislike the labelling of players overall measurements because most are very good at some things and poor at others

Lacazette is a great striker of the ball, elite finisher or shots per goal, good close control and decent link up play. His movement is pretty average to poor as his pace and dribbling . If you overload the box or let him through on dynamic counter attacks this issue is addressed and he’d get more/better chances and score more. And he needs to be taught better movement.

And so what if Lacazette isn’t our Henry/RVP/Wright. Do we not need Wiltord and Kanu type reinforcements/options?


No it’s the exact opposite. A lot of ppl here think Theo is worthless and shit. I never said Theo is world class, I defended him because the prevailing opinion is a gross exaggeration. Now people seem to be rating Laca when he’s produced almost exactly the same as Theo, you are right completely illogical.

The second paragraph is completely correct, and I’ll agree with that. It was time for Theo to go.

This is a perfectly reasonable summary of Laca’s strength and weaknesses btw. The only reason I’m on Laca’s case so much is because OA is full of hypocrites who attacked Theo for being limited, yet they’ll back Laca to the hilt, for whatever reason or agenda they have. Just needs to be exposed. I think it’s rich that I’m accused of having an agenda when this is going on so openly lol.




For me Laca is in the top 4 of PL strikers after Agüero Auba and Kane.

Fantastic how we have the two of them. There gonna tare it up next season :sunglasses:




I would love this to happen but with drastic changes due to happen at the club, I think it’s best we wait and watch. A lot of this will depend on the new manager, the players he brings in, his style of play and his evaluation of both of them and the roles they should play. Let’s just hope the new manager thinks he can fit them both into the same team.


:laca: !

@Aussiegooner and @Arsenal4thetreble





Image him and Auba with a new manager next season :giroud3:




Feel sorry for Laca playing with these clowns.


I really hope next season we have a defensive minded manager who will correct the defense. It doesn’t matter how much we attack. When we can’t even defend against one chance in the game. What’s the point of even having the defenders in the first place? Might as well play without a defense. Diabolical!

How the hell are they considered defenders when a little pressure and one chance and they screw up.

Maybe over the top but man they need to fine their bloody wages!