Alexandre Lacazette (9)


:eyes: The MANNNNNN


Can I just say his close-control is amazing, especially lit in the box.

So calm and composed and thats what helps his amazing efficiency in finishing.


Someone has to eat his hat :mustafi:


Tbf to Firmino his worth is not measured in goals. One of the reasons Salah is having the season that he is having is Firmino.


(Blacazette) :joy:


Kind of a shit tweet tbh. Morata and Lukaku have both been roundly criticized for not being good enough pretty much all season and Laca went through a terribly long goal drought. So he’s supposed to be praised for being mediocre along with the other two mediocre strikers? None of those guys have been good enough for a top team.

Also some consistency would be nice. I could only imagine the outrage if Walcott and or Giroud would have gone on a similar scoring drought right in the middle of our season when we really needed some goals to keep us in the top 4 race. Fine give Laca a pass because it’s his first season, but if this is his level I think it’s safe to say he is a bust for the money we paid.


stfu already with your boring agenda based crap, situation is totally different laca was playing with an injury for a long time that needed surgery and wasnt sharp enough. Also Arsenals whole team has been shit this season and he had not even had half the service that the other strikers have had. now that he is getting game time and has had his surgery you can see the difference a goal a game is very good so stop spouting half truths via omission of facts its fucking tiresome now.


You’d be the first person in line to slate one of our players if he went through a goal drought like Laca did when it mattered, only to score a bunch of goals In meaningless games at the end of the season when the pressure was off. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he’s getting a pass, but so be it.


i slate a player if they are absolute fucking garbage like walcott was for us in his last few years at the very least only played for his contract. Please remind me how your dear friend has done in his new surroundings…the player you rate higher than a new player to a new league and team?


He’s not getting service!! :joy::joy:


or games…because he is SHIT!


I should probably listen to you when you talk about agendas, you know your shit.


haha, i have an agenda about walcott…so that is why 3/4 of the people on here felt he was not good enough even the fucking club loyal to death to their squad got rid but i have an agenda, then the new club is barely bothering with him all of a sudden…hhmmmm ok then.


Lol at people thinking people have to eat their words because Laca has 13 league goals, lots of them which are meaningless :rofl:


Fine if you don’t rate Theo, but going full fan boy on Laca when the fact is he has been nothing more than mediocre is a bit hypocritical to me, especially because you are coming up with a ton of excuses to shrug off his bad play. I don’t rate Laca, so why do I have an agenda if I’m one the first to say I think he will be a bust? So if I turn out to be right, he doesn’t improve and everyone jumps on Laca is shit train, then do i still have an agenda?

Btw, Theo played 1900 minutes in the PL last year and had 10 goals and 3 assists. Laca is at 2050 minutes and has scored 13 goals and 3 assist. Theo had no penalties by the way. So in your opinion, that goal haul by Laca is impressive to you considering how trash you say Theo is?


tired of explaining the same shit for your 2 brain cells because it is not connecting so i will just leave you to figure it out, it has been said like 100 times now.


Two of his goals are pens btw so he’s had one more goal than Theo with about 150 more minutes on the pitch. Amazing use of our resources buying Theo Walcott the 2nd for 50m 🖒🖒🖒🖒


You over analysed the shit out of that tweet.




I’d just like an explanation. Laca has one more goal from open play than Theo did last year. How on earth can anyone do enough mental gymnastics to convince themselves Laca = amazing, Walcott = shit.