Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I agree. Just hoping Laca does improve and doesn’t turn out to be a donkey in the mould of Benteke, etc.


worse case scenario we can swap him for griezmann who is going to Barca and try and go for oblak :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel better about our chances against atletico with Iaca than I would if we still had Giroud


Yeah Atletico are the only other club in Europe that think he’s good, maybe they’ll be scared of him :eyes:


The melodramatic swings in this thread :joy:

I think it’s pretty obvious what he’s good at. He’s the classiest striker we’ve had since van Persie. Of course, van Persie was far better in basically every category, especially goal scoring, but still, it’s not too hard to figure out what Lacazette is good at, lol.

I’ll steal @Phoebica’s analogy and say that’s like comparing something (good, forget what it was) with a can of dog food.


Stealing my own analogy to call one of the loves of my life dog food?

You have no morals :sob:


Yes he may not have the best movement, but stats show he is one of the most effciciet chance-goal finishers in europe.

He doesn’t miss many sitters and if there was a chance, there isn’t anybody more I’d like to be in the position to bury it.


^^^ he had a chance early in the match yesterday where he’s through on goal but he’s so slow and on top of that takes a bad touch, which allows the defender to get back in the frame. What results is his shot being blocked, didn’t even get a shot on goal. Sums him up perfectly.

Only thing I’m confident of him doing is burying penalties tbh.


Yeah he might be a good finisher but because his movement is poor and he’s rather slow he rarely gets the chance to make the most of it. At least with Penalties no player can come and close you down, I have faith with him at the spot also.


I don’t agree with you on your general assement of him. I believe he can be good for us given the right formation/guidence, but yeah… last night, he was playing like his boots were made of concrete!


The fact that he’s not winning many foot races has been pretty evident from the minute he stepped on the pitch. Where have u been?


Underneath Giroud.

I’ve only just resurfaced.


What could Giroud do to disgust you? What if you went to pull his knickers down and u just got a huge whiff of ass and cheese? Would you still handle ur business?


Cheese is my favourite food. I would love a life of wine and cheese – hence why being a Frenchman’s wife suits me…


I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say that this conversation should stop.


So ass sweat and feta cheese is your thing, but you look down upon dog food? For shame.


What a goal Laca :heart_eyes:

cc @Aussiegooner :wink:


Auba and Laca :giroud3:


If only Auba could play Europa.


Was a nice goal, up to 13 in all comps for the season.