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Lacazette - Why me and Auba can play together

Alex Lacazette has no doubt that he and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can work in tandem.

Aubameyang shifted to the left when Lacazette came off the bench against Stoke City last weekend, but their twin threat ignited a sluggish performance as we ran out 3-0 winners.

Aubameyang ended with two goals and Lacazette scored too after his team-mate handed penalty responsibilities to him late in the game.

The Frenchman was thankful for that and explained why they can be effective together.

“Yes, because he is different player,” said Lacazette. “He loves the space and I’m a player who loves to get the ball to my feet.

“I think we can play together like on Sunday but the coach will decide and we need to respect the decision. But I like how Pierre plays and I think we can be good together.

“Auba is a nice guy and after the first penalty [against Stoke] he told me: ‘If there is another one I will give you the ball’. So it was nice from him.

“In life he is a great guy, he is really nice with everybody and it was good for my confidence.

“For the team it shows that even if we are strikers we can think about everyone in the team and we are not focused only to score goals [ourselves].”

Lacazette scored twice more against CSKA Moscow on Thursday but he insists there is plenty more to come now he’s put his injury behind him.

“I know I can do more but I need more time because it is really different to how it was with Lyon,” he said. “I was in Lyon for some years, but it is better and better every day.

“The surgery is in my past so now I can play 100 per cent and I am happy.”



Sounds like he has a weak mentality tbh

The only time we should be seeing these guys play together is in the last 20 mins if we’re chasing a goal otherwise it’s a pointless exercise.


Them playing together can work, the issue is that Wenger is most likely not the man to make it happen.

As for the mentality thing, not sure where you’re getting that from at all. Because he thinks he can play with Auba? Because he admitted he needed a bit of a lift?

At times it may seem like it but these guys aren’t cyborgs, I see nothing wrong with what he said.


That’s £100m worth of talent between them, I don’t actually doubt that they can play together reasonably well. Like I said, the only time I want to see it is a two striker system chasing a goal, any other time I have otherwise I have doubts.

The issue is Wenger is likely to shoe horn both players into the 11 to the detriment of functionality. I don’t want to see Auba moved to the left in starting 11’s to accommodate Laca. It’s something we might see today with Miki out, if so I think we use them effectively against relegation fodder at home

We shouldn’t be playing these two together for extended minutes and increasing the injury risk for both players.

I just get weak mentality vibes from Laca tbh, before I was worried he might be upset about being back up but now it’s seems he knows his place. So it’s not a big issue for me really


Weak mentality based on what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lots of top teams have played 2 strikers in possession system with one more withdrawn. These 2 were originally wingers too


If we play a back 4 that leaves 6 others, Auba, Ozil, Mkhi, Ramsey should definitely be 4 of the 6, then maybe Xhaka, so for that last spot is there a net gain in having Lacazette on the pitch and Wilshere or Welbeck on the bench? Potentially it could be a yes.

And with Mkhi injured, I think it’s a bit of a no brainer. Laca up top with Auba wide is better than Auba up top with Welbeck wide. I can’t remember the exact game but I remember a good performance with Mkhi pushed up very high on the left. I think these two could rotate that sort of role.

It looks like Wilshere is on the way out and I have a feeling that Welbeck may be convinced by a move so we really should be using this dead league time to be experimenting with stuff like this and seeing what kind of role someone like Lacazette could have at this club. We’ll never really know if it works for us unless we give it a try and we’ll never get a better time to do that and Laca needs to be fit and sharp for our upcoming EL games so he should be playing.


Yet again starved of service even the commentators are asking why he is getting no service up front. What in the fuck are these players doing why cant they get the fucking ball to him.


Is wenger purposefully (or the team) trying to kill this guys confidence off completely. Fuck all service all game no threat from midfield the welbeck scores then they hook him, fucking twats. He could be a pivotal player for us in Europa, keeps Welbeck on too fucking dickhead.


Danny is running into his space all the friggin time though making Laca move to find a new one over and over lol Looks kind of funny if you start noticing during a game, Danny is like a bee


He is to static, Aubameyang players with welbeck and hasn’t got that issue.


Welbeck just played a lot better and worked a lot harder than Lacazette in tonight’s game.


Laca simply can’t do what Welbeck did tonight because it’s become very clear, athletically Laca is an inferior player. He’s slow, his movement is nothing to write home about, and some of his first touches would make Lukaku proud.


I found it interesting yesterday that Wenger shook hands with every player he took off, except Lacazette. What could be up with that?


Dunno, but something seems off…the team isnt playing well with him either they are not passing the ball to him enough when he is in good areas, he seems really stifled out of the game no matter what he does.


Is he turning out to be an expensive misfit? We’ve all bought something and later regretted it. Could this be the case here?


I think a lot of people thought that when he first came here, especially after waiting for so long for a striker, and for 50m as well.

The fact that Wenger went out and bought a proper striker in the next transfer window means he obviously thought the same.

It was a transfer that Wenger felt was worth the money and wasn’t going to cost him what a genuine world class striker would cost, but this false economy ended up costing more than 100m, because he then had to make up for his mistake and get Aubameyang, who he could have bought in the first place.

The only good thing about Lacazette is that we do have a younger version of Giroud as cover for when Aubameyang is injured, but I’m sure that wasn’t what Wenger intended.


There we thought he was the French Defoe :joy: At least Defoe had speed and movement. I’m not sure what he is good at


First off Sven bought Auba not Wenger. Second Auba probably wasn’t available in the summer and even if he was you gotta imagine Sven had a lot to do with convincing him to come, Sven wasn’t with us until the fall. And lastly Giroud is a better backup option than Laca because of what he brings to the side with his aerial ability. Most headed goals in the PL.


So, what you are saying is that Sven has more pulling power than Wenger?
I agree that Giroud is better than Lacazette but he is a lot older and Lacazette potentially could get better.
Getting 20m for Giroud was good bit of business, although having to buy Aubameyang because Lacazette was a waste of money, and not good enough as a starting striker, clearly wasn’t.

At least we do have a top quality striker and decent cover, even if it wasn’t planned that way.