Alexandre Lacazette (9)


dont say that with A4TT here, he might take you literally :henry2:


Honestly, it is sort of a stupid thing to criticize either way frankly… NOBODY claimed Lacazette was THE answer - he wasn’t in that tier and there wasn’t a single person here who argued that.

It is perfectly normal for fans who have imperfect information (we aren’t professional scouts FFS) and are biased - some negative, some positive… in general, I think most fans like to think positively about additions to the team until they prove otherwise…

So while many of us HOPED he would be a big lift and certainly were just thrilled we finally made an offensive signing other than Welbeck, it isn’t really a shock to any of us that he hasn’t turned out like we hoped. I am still disappointed and thought he would be better - and I thought he was quicker and stronger than he is apparently, but I definitely had high hopes.

Like with many others, we now have enough evidence to suggest “eh, he is alright but not what we probably need to elevate” - I retain one small hope that he gets chemistry with Auba and Ozil and turns into useful player, but I am assuming he is more on the side of “failure” for the relative spend and opportunity cost.


Yet people did this with Giroud all the time. Don’t remember anyone citing dysfunctionality or confidence issues in defence of Giroud lol. Anyway this isn’t about him, I’m not looking up to dredge up another pointless discussion on him. He’s gone.

When Laca signed, the expectation amongst the support was that we’d see a clear upgrade in terms of goals scored from the previous arsenal strikers. I think we can all agree on that point

His finishing ability was touted as his main strength. There was an expectation with Ozil behind he would increase his scoring output. It’s perfectly fair to judge him on scoring output considering the cost, his age, his previous scoring record and his new teammates of better quality

No one was talking about his link up play in a major way before he signed. In any case I’ve not seen anything special so far you couldn’t get from cheaper talent. An average player could very well have positive link up interactions in this Arsenal team that trying to chase a semblance of nice one touch football


Yes, I agree.


Quite a few people were talking about how inflated his goalscoring record looked because of all the penalties he took. There was no real consensus about this.


I seem to recall most fans giving Giroud the benefit of the doubt in his first season here at least, but with Laca there seems to be a section that were on a downer about him from the start.


Price tag means different expectations and pressure generally.


I got behind Laca at the start but the lack of goals seriously bothered me.

With higher cost involved the expectation goes up. I’ve got an agenda against all players where the performances are lacking in comparison to the cost. You can be sure if Auba wasn’t scoring I’d be questioning him to

If Auba wasn’t here I would have been prepared to back Laca as the number one CF going into next season. With Auba here it’s hard to see him perform to a level where the money we’ve spent is value


i wouldnt read too much into anyones performances at the moment because Wenger is stinking the fucking place out. I genuinely think sometimes that someone like Pardew could even get more out of this team than he does. I mean the team are getting things reported about them that sounds like no real coaching is being done when players are ‘begging for help’ and wengers way of instilling fight etc in them is telling them about lions etc…its fucking pathetically bad.


Great finish :fire:


Goal on open play! @Aussiegooner must be crying atm lol! :smile:


MY MANNN ballin’ it


maybe that injury was niggling him a bit before his op, he didnt look very sharp, with a bit of movement around him he looks better and he looks sharper than he did before maybe he couldnt move very well beforehand.



Wasted money on Auba mates


Nice finish on the left foot, was good to see :+1:.


Miracle! A praise from you! :smile:


Go on Laca. Although don’t forget Theo was scoring for fun against these farmers in the Europa League…


You really might be the worst poster in the history of the internet.:roll_eyes: kidding of course…

Give it a rest on Theo. We get it, you love him and he’s the greatest EVAR for you.

Good to see Laca with movement in the final 3rd, opening up some space even if it was against lesser comp.

He’s a key player if Arsenal are going to win it.


Damn just saw the highlights, what a class finish. Really love this guy, he’s the kind of guy that is an ideal back-up striker at a top class club. For example I honestly think he’d be a class signing for Real Madrid to compete with maybe replace the declining Benzema and facilitate Ronaldo in his striker days until they can sign Kane. Would be a good Paco Alcácer upgrade too tbh.