Alexandre Lacazette (9)


wtf are you tlking about,Theo couldnt even get off the bench for us…laca was injured whilst playing for us and had to have a surgery and still did more and is doing more than theo, just fuck off already with your shit agenda. Why has theo been given 11 fucking years to prove himself useless but lacazette hasnt even been given a season and much of that he was playing with an injury.


Oh btw two of Laca’s goals are from the spot, all of Theo’s were from open play, from the wing. Theo was clearly better, but I’m ok with Theo leaving because it was time for change for all parties. Just funny to see a lot of people on OA react to the signing of Laca like it’s a game changer, when in fact he’s not giving us anything more than the much maligned figure of Theo Walcott :joy:


its his FIRST SEASON, with a FUCKING INJURY, you twat…(had to shout at it at you because it doesnt seem to get into your brain cell)


Oh no! He is back with Walcott’s cock in his mouth :rofl:


How foolish of people to respond to the actual words used in a post.

Someone saying that “most arsenal fans” said something is self-aggrandising in the extreme because it makes it seem like Aussie stuck his neck on the line to make a point that nobody agreed with. But the reality is that many people weren’t expecting him to totally smash it, and lots of people had doubts as to whether he would be the world class striker we’ve been waiting on. And even people who were happy with the signing weren’t claiming he’d bag thirty goals in his first season, though I’m sure some were.

To say “most arsenal fans were gloating” (who were they gloating to btw?!) isn’t a fair representation and there’s nothing wrong with people pointing that out.


Lol, it’s called common sense, and there’s another neat little thing called context which helps you decipher what point someone is trying to convey. Obviously Aussie didn’t mean every single fan even though that’s the terminology he used. Of course if you want to be an argumentative cunt just for the sake of it then yeah, argue the semantics, otherwise it wasn’t very difficult to figure out exactly what he meant.


That isn’t the terminology he used. He said most fans, not every single fan.

How’s that for semantics?

From his words it seemed like he was saying that most Arsenal fans were gloating about the signings, because you know, those are the words he used. If he simply wanted to say that he was right to have his doubts and those who were gloating were wrong, fine, that’s a different point.

Oh and nobody here is any more of an argumentative cunt than you are so have a bit of self-awareness.


Haha, it’s great, wouldn’t expect any less from you. And imo there’s a difference between poking holes in what someone says because it’s not the manner in which you personally might convey your own point of view, and being an argumentative cunt about actual topics in which the forum was made to be argumentative about.


Ah whatever. It’s clear that the only reason you’re here calling people cunts is because you also like to self-aggrandise about Lacazette. Knock yourself out thinking the two of you are some sort of clairvoyants who saw this coming whilst most Arsenal fans were busy gloating, if that works for you then more power to you.

I’ll also refer to you in future for advice on when it’s appropriate to be argumentative and when it isn’t, you clearly have a good grasp on that.


Here’s some semantics arguments for ya, since it seems to be your favorite thing. I never said most Arsenal fans were acting that way. There were a few asinine comments made in this thread and that’s what I’ve been mainly replying to. I only defended Aussie’s comments because imo if you rubbed a couple brain cells together you could clearly tell what he was attempting to say.


New transfers are always greeted with excitement. That’s the nature of football atm.

That said, there were enough posters who expressed their concerns of Lacazette’s goal stats being offset with penalties & him plying his trade in a lesser league.


I understand that. That doesn’t change my point that I’ve been making from the start. The eye test tells me this guy is hardly a dynamic player, and that Giroud and or Theo were going to give you similar output on the pitch. To spend 50m on this guy when there were much more pressing needs on the pitch was dumb af.

Of course this was under the old regime, so I still have trouble understanding how anyone can convince themselves that Wenger and co made a smart transfer move. Considering his transfer policies have been roundly criticized for years now and rightly so. 85m spent between he and Xhaka might as well have been flushed down the drain. Sven is going to get rid of Laca sooner than later and get us a proper player though, so I’m not too worried about it.


In the few occasions we’ve played well he’s either been involved in the goals or been out of action.

Auba scores in some games we’re trouncing nothing opposition (which is great, completely fair to make a call on him being better or not) and these two decide to use it as a stick to beat Laca with.

Seems some people care more about possibly being right about something than Arsenal’s success. Personally I think we have two quality strikers at the club and I’m hoping we see them both start soon.

I question the football understanding of anyone that evaluates a player’s quality exclusively by number of goals with zero context or barometer around it. A4TT especially I genuinely can’t imagine you bothering to assess a player’s all round game.


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:joy: quality. well done.


I am not interested in deep discussion… but my understanding is, when we first signed Laca, a lot of us (if not many) were expecting him to make a big difference.

Of course, the Sanchez incident, disjointed midfield and stupid 3-4-2-1 formation were all unexpected, and those factors did really affect Laca’s performance and production.


I am calm and ok now :wink:


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Fuck Theo Walcott.