Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Some service would be nice. 90% of his runs are ignored. I’m wondering if our midfielders just don’t have the confidence to attempt the pass or are just not paying attention…hence the sideways and backwards passing that has become “Arsenal” football
If its frustrating for me as a spectator it must certainly be maddening for Laca.


Total bollocks. I’d say a handful thought he was that level and the rest were about 50/50 on whether he’d move us up a level.

Either way it certainly hasn’t helped that he’s moved here while we’re playing the most dysfunctional football we have played in over 20 years.


Waiting for @Aussiegooner’s reply like


Laca is mediocre at best. Most dysfunctional team yet Auba manages to score 5 in 6 matches. One is world class the other is arguably slightly worse than Giroud.

I’ve got no issue with having Laca in the team. Paying 50m for him was wayyyy too much, considering we probably already had players of similar quality in the team.


Thanks @Arsenal4thetreble I have nothing more to add.


Yes Auba is better.
Yes we should have just signed him instead of Lacazette last summer.

But we’re clearly a more functional team since Sanchez left and mhiki came on board so it’s not the same situation Auba walked into.


None of what he said actually addresses the responses you received from SRCJJ and shamrock though. Just saying.


We should hire the guy who made that report :slight_smile:


What do you people what me to do then ? Dig up old posts at the start of this thread saying how he’d have a top notch season ?


Stop saying most fans


Thanks @Trion I have nothing more to add.


Go back and read the thread. It was wildly optimistic at best, at it’s worst you’ll see people claiming he would be banging 30 goals and winning the golden boot lululululul. So in true OA fashion you guys decide to argue the semantics but Aussie was disputing the tone of the thread in general, as was I.


You can’t really talk with your Walcott nonsense.

Doing great at Everton isn’t he? :joy:


Isn’t he doing pretty well actually?

Anyways, yeah, the anti Lacazette agenda from a4tt and aussie has been obvious and boring from the start.


Lol of course you’d try to change the subject considering you were the one spouting the most asinine nonsense considering Laca from the start. If you’d like to bring up the subject of Theo, I believe in August I said I’d make a wager with anyone that Laca wouldn’t score as many goals this year for us as Theo did last year…nobody would indulge me. How’s that going?? :joy::joy::joy:


Well he’s got the same amount of goals in the league as Theo did and he’s played less minutes so it probably isn’t going as badly as you might think.


Thanks for making my point. 100 less minutes, same goal tally as Theo and 1 more assist. As I said from the very start, we had players of similar quality in the team without spending 50m on this guy. Plus keep in mind Theo was doing all this from the wing, not as a central forward and focal point of the offense as Laca has all year, but don’t let facts get in the way.


Tbf big difference in goal scoring chances playing for Everton vs. Arsenal, and Theo barely played in the league for Arsenal this season (don’t think he made one start?)

If I had seen that I probably would’ve said it was a decent wager for you. I doubt too many people aside from the usual Theo haters, who have an agenda of their own, would have really called you a fool for that or anything. If no one indulged you it’s probably because they simply couldn’t be arsed to indulge your trolling.

But yeah, not really too much of a genius shout that, Laca was coming into a broken team which Wenger was setting out with his stupid 3-4-2-1 whereas Theo was bagging his goals when we had a decent thing going with him Alexis and Iwobi in the 4-2-3-1, so yeah, I don’t think you really deserve much retrospective back-patting for that, like I said, if I didn’t comment on it then, I certainly would’ve said that’s not unlikely at all.


Gotta think also, that this is a first season in the EPL for Lacazette with a new club a dysfunctional midfield and no service and low morale. Theo has been in the EPL for well over a decade has acclimatised to it already and has a new club to make his mark in (which he hasnt) and Lacazette is still doing better than him, so I don’t think we should be questioning him or writing him off just yet.


Yes but Theo was such shit was so bad and everyone wished death upon him. Now when being compared to Laca Theo wasn’t so bad. Lel I’m enjoying this thanks guys :grin: