Alexandre Lacazette (9)



YES!!! We have our Europa League striker!


Imagine Auba took two penalties off Penazette :rofl:


Hope this penalty gives him a confidence boost :slight_smile:


There is no I in team :slightly_smiling_face:


Believed this from the moment we signed Auba, that these two should definitely play together. They compliment each other well because they’re skilled in ways the other isn’t.

Laca’s false 9 style link up and hold up play, dribbling and positioning for cutbacks etc has been good since he signed. Problem for him was balancing that with getting in behind.

If you combine Laca’s play with Auba’s speed and ruthless goalscoring instincts, it’s such a dangerous combination for us.


Nice from him :slight_smile:


Didn’t want to embarrass Laca by scoring more goals than him this season despite only joining in Feb :rofl:. All jokes aside hopefully it gives him some confidence for the Europa League.


He is the first player to reach double figures this season.


saying that like it’s some sort of achievement in early April?


He clearly wasn’t.


Thought we were much better when he came on and have now seen him live :heart_eyes:


Yeah we were better, replacing Welbeck will do that for a side.


Post injury Welbeck is borderline Premier League level starter.


Just reporting a stat. Why do you hate him so much? :rofl:


He’s truly awful. I guess he’s going to start on Thursday and Wenger was trying to work him into some form. Quite a dream, that.


They always should, if not because of injury.
Starting them together and have Ozil to support, we have one of the best attacking trio in the league. Plus Miki, our attack should be very effective and we get our beautiful football back.
No way we should stick in a Welbeck or a Iwobi into the equation and screw things up.


Probably because most Arsenal fans were gloating he’d be the 30 goal a season striker we needed when we signed him, when I clearly knew he wasn’t going to be.


I think you’re massively overstating what people expected of him because you think it might lend some credibility to your obvious agenda.


Not sure gloating is the right word at all. His signing didn’t generate the same excitement as Auba’s for example. But so what if people thought he’d score more goals than he has. There is nothing wrong with having hope and belief?!

But hey, have a gold star for your negativity :star: