Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Ok here’s something that annoys me. Welbeck is a forward attacking striker. Laca is a forward player and striker as well. Why should they be immune to comparison? They play the same fucking position lol. Not like I said, hey look at that Cech guy with the hat, he has better movement than Laca. Once again read the post. Nowhere did i remotely say Welbeck is a superior player, I simply highlighted a fact. Welbeck actually got through on goal several times, something I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen Laca do. Kind of important for the guy that’s supposed to be scoring goals for you, no?


Relax pal, I even didn’t know who started this comparison. I just remember “someone” bringing their names together… then I made my comment.

The reason of me making my comment was, they are obvious in a different level. You can bring me stats of the past 10 seasons, and I will still insist that Laca is a much superior than Welbeck as a striker.


Hope people can understand now that it’s us that is shit not Lacazette.


I still want to see Auba against a bunch of average teams like Lacazette has played against, so far he’s played 3 of his 4 vs Citeh & Spurs.


^^ Fair point. Aubameyang should really be ending the season from here on 8-10 goals given the teams we’re playing


Lacazette scored Vs City and assisted Vs Spurs…


Fuck all of it.

Let’s play 3 strikers up front.
Lacazette - Aubameyang - Wel…Monreal


I’m not so sure about that. We still have absolutely no coherent midfield play. Also, the players seem to he ready to pack it in given the lack of direction from the manager.


Oh yeah, I mean ideally should, in a functioning unit playing with confidence. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ended the season on <5, based on still getting used to the pace and difficulty of matches, adjusting to a team that’s worse than he expected it to be and a drop in confidence I reckon has already kicked in


Well the last time we played a shit team we ripped them to bits. We’ll have a few decent results I’m sure.


Yeah fair point but I still want to see Auba after a larger sample size, Lacazette has had 29 games so I will judge Auba in another 25 games and hopefully he has more than 9 strikes.


Not really been missed much has he?


Aubameyang is a different class. With STCC limiting how much we can increase our wage bill I’d probably look to move him on if we can get our money back.

Not quick enough or a good enough dribbler imo to be used wide and on too much money to be a squad player at Arsenal.


Hope he still has a role for us in the EL.


I actually blame Wenger for not starting him consistently when he did great at the beginning. Apparently it was for him to adjust to the league. Didn’t do him any good.

Don’t really care about his bad form so far. If we reach EL Final and he scores the winner. He had a fine season for me.


Now that we’ve got Auba, Laca needs to be shown the door. He’s a mediocre to maybe better than average striker, but Auba is world class. We don’t need Laca as a backup, Eddie can do that job going forward.


If we go into next season with Eddie as our backup striker I’ll be extremely disappointed.


Eddie is way to raw to be back up striker for a club striving to be a top European club, that’s of course if that’s what you want to be.


We should have gotten Auba earlier and not Laca at all in retrospect. Get rid of welbeck too. Hold onto Giroud as backup until we get the next star. Would have been better financially and that would have allowed us to properly fix our wide attacking. I like Iwobi, but he isn’t good enough… at all… and not sure he will be.


This is exactly what I advocated. I think people were blinded by their frustration with Giroud they were desperate for any half decent alternative. I don’t care about the transfer inflation or the modern market £50m for Laca was a massive overpayment

It’s pretty clear now, that if Giroud has started the season as main striker he would have done no worse than Laca has done in terms of goals and performances up until Jan till we bought Auba.

Then we’d have the perfect striking duo, with contrasting styles. Giroud would have been easy to phase out of the squad whenever we liked to accommodate, say, a younger striking talent.

We’re stuck with Laca. There’s a ton of negative factors which make it hard to shift him.

Pretty shocking squad planning from Wenger. Not smart investment of our finite resources