Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Wally Walcott is a shit brainless player.

Lacazette was one of Europe’s best strikers last season.



@gunnerpr knew he’d be right along to prove my point. This echoes the sentiments of many all over social media btw.




I’m not joking, I really mean it when I say you’re a gullible imbecile, too stupid to realize it.


would be nice if someone would spot his runs…

Any other manager would be going crazy after reviewing tape, but not Wenger. Laca has Elite movement… once Mkhi is settled and hopefully Wilshere gets a decent run of games, we should see some changes


Fight me irl pussy.


Laca doesn’t have Elite movement. Off the ball movement is his worse attribute, that’s aggravated by the incompetent buffoon we have as a manager.

Also WIlshere is not good enough to have any actual impact in how we play.


Something I’ve also been saying for months. Nobody listens though because as you’ve so aptly put it I’m really dumb derp. Now that you’ve weighed in, oh god of football that you are, maybe OA will start taking it as gospel.


Big surprise the Spaniard is racist. And I know you’ll try to past that a joke but matter of fact that you’re a racist and you don’t realize it because you’re from a racist country and you a have accustomed to this type of behaviour.


Yea, that’s nonsense…
He points to where he wants the ball a hundred times a game and our inept midfield either cant or won’t get it to him. Drives me nuts…me and the great Thierry ( pretty good company).

Jack is class, If he can get over his injuries, and get some confidence back, he’ll come good… I’m skeptical though… he won’t be the first supremely talented footballer destroyed by injuries.

Wenger is past it. That’s whats hurting us more than anything.


Nah man I’m not racist at all, racism is so pathetic and so obviously idiotic and low that I felt I could parody those authentic hilbillys that are in fact racist in my country without anyone misunderstanding it (/having so little esteem for me to think that I might actually be in the least bit serious), but I see I’ve taken the joke too far.


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At lest you should admit that always taking him off hasn’t done him well. How can you play well if you know you will never last for the whole game?


“Sir Postalot” :rofl:


If he scored more he’d get taken off less, also the top quality players aren’t that mentally weak that they’d let something like getting subbed affect them.


It’s a good job we have a proper goal scoring machine like Monreal.

Imagine how many he would score if he played in Lacazette’s position :grinning:


What’s Nacho off our leading scorer now ? 3 goals or so :rofl:


Whats embarassing is our whole team have been absolutely dire for most of the season. Whats embarassing is we have a horrendous away record. Whats embarassing is the fact we went out to Nottingham forest in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. What’s embaressing is we haven’t rectified any of our defence and midfield woes. Stop using Lacazette as a scapegoat.


Not bad for a defender.
The goal he score yesterday was a well taken poachers goal.
I would suggest Wenger gets Monreal to start showing Lacazette how it’s done.

Lacazette is the latest in a long line of strikers that were bought by Wenger that weren’t the required standard for a top European club.

It’s a false economy buying second best.
The money he spent on Lacazette was 50m. and because he was trying to get a bargain, he ended up having to buy Aubameyang as well who was 60m.

Great work by the transfer market genius that is Wenger.
He has had to get a proper striker in half way through the season because he didn’t buy the top quality we needed in the first place, and it’s cost him 110m.

Why not spend that on one striker in the first place.
Wenger’s tight fisted approach and always wanting to get a bargain means yet again we have wasted another season and it’s cost the club a fortune.

Wenger is the king of false economy.


I agree they are also embarrassing but it doesn’t make Lacazette’s season any less of a failure, just makes him part of what has been a big problem.