Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The hate Laca gets is embarrassing.

Top class striker who’s having a difficult first season at this shambles of a club


Glad someone’s made a vid about this. His Arsenal story so far is a combination of a number of things not just because he’s supposedly average like the ‘football is simple’ crowd would like to put it. They could have had quite a few more examples of unseen runs.


Ahh another genius youtuber showing Lacazette’s great underused ‘movement’ when he’s fecking marked in most of the examples. Great stuff

Unseen movement = couldn’t see him behind the fecking marker


Just don’t understand why – because we got a shiny new Aubameyang – people think we don’t also need Lacazette

We don’t need Lacazette because his expense far outweighs his usefulness to the squad. At this point the Lacazette signing stands as an extremely poor investment for Arsenal FC that symbolises the continuous poor transfer planning by Wenger.

I don’t buy the argument that just because City are stacked in forward positions we need to replicate that. We’re not City, we need to manage our finite resources in a very shrewd manner. Spending over £110m on two strikers makes no sense, it’s not a efficient use of our money when the Midfield and Defence need attention.

At this point we’ve just paid over £50m for a depth striker who isn’t particularly prolific when starting. People will argue about the need competition: (1) it’s pretty evident that Wenger doesn’t rotate based on form/competition (2) Is Lacazette even capable of mounting a credible challenge to Auba?

I just can’t see Lacazette’s Arsenal career going on an upward curve from this point on. I don’t think he’ll be happy with wasting his best years as second CF nor the inevitable 70/30 game time split with Auba across all comps after being the main CF at Lyon. We will not recoup anything close to the fee we paid for him and his value is decreasing everyday. His wages over £100k are not reflective of his usefulness to the squad.

I think we need to sell Laca and invest the money into a premium young CF talent. That way we have a young talent who will likely cost less than £30m, takes up less wages, happy being second striker with limited minutes behind Auba, Provides quality depth, improves in ability (ideally) and appreciates in value. Iheanacho would have been perfect.


As i said he gets into some great positions but it almost looks like everyone fucking ignores him and he gets a lucky ball landing to him on a half chance or they reluctantly pass to him when the split second opportunity is gone then everyone is like ‘lacazette you fucker stay onside’ or ‘jesus lacazette he strikes the ball a second or so to late’ how about pass him the fucking ball when he needs it. He has been feeding off scraps this entire season and it pisses me off even with people like ozil he has such vision but time and time again i find myself yelling at the screen ‘pass him the fucking ball he was in then’


Dude, If Laca does not start the game, at least I want him to be the first coming out from the bench, not the Welbecks, Iwobis…


What’s embarrassing is he’s out leading scorer with 9 goals in all competitions in the middle of February, whilst the likes of Salah, Kane & Aguero have 30+ or close to it.


He’s done well to get 9 in this shit show.

Put him up front for City and Liverpool and he has your 30 goals


Lol your deluded, if he was at City or Liverpool he’d just be riding the bench.


You talked about other teams strikers so I said if they weren’t there as in Firmino Kane and Agüero played for other teams and Lacazette was their #1 striker he would easily have 25 goals


Nah he still wouldn’t because he’s a slow arse plodder and average finisher, he would have more than 9 though as those teams do win more penalties than us. Probably about 15 goals I’d say.


Laca must have done something to you to hate him so much :kissing_heart:


Nah just say it how he is, always thought he was a penalty/ poor league merchant and 9 goals in 29 is proving me correct sadly. Shame for him he missed tonight’s game though as he would have likely banged in a couple against that Swedish opposition.


In an alternate universe somewhere Aussiegooner is bemoaning how shit Aguero is and is pining for the city superstar Alex Lacazette.


Does Aguero have 9 in 29 in that alternate universe ? If so maybe.


Well, yea, that was what I was getting at. He plays for us there too btw

Edit (in no universe is Laca better than Aguero but ye get my point).


Was never sure of him either, but wanted to give him a chance and was hoping he’d do well. He seems mediocre so far though no doubt.

The only reason I’ve been so outspoken, along with you, about his failures is because I find Arsenal fans to be such hypocrites, it’s infuriating. We had a guy at our club that had a very good goal scoring record. He was even producing despite this terribly disjointed squad (interestingly enough the excuse Laca is given for being underwhelming). These are the very same fans that were forcing Theo out of the club, hilarious that they can sit here with a straight face and defend this guy Laca who is a total fucking leach, waste of 50m.

Theo has 5 goals and 3 assists in 750 minutes of game time this season. Does Theo get the excuse of being low on confidence because he hardly played in the PL all year? No. Does Theo get the excuse of playing in a disjointed Arsenal side? No. Did Theo get the excuse of playingwith predominantly youth players in shitty conditions all over Europe, no.

Laca 9 goals and 3 assists in 1800 minutes. One in 150 minutes. Poor for someone leading the line for us almost every match with a ton of opportunities to show his worth. Excuse one, the team is disjointed. Excuse two, he gets no service. Excuse three, Wenger ruins attacking players. Excuse four, he’s low on confidence because Wenger subs him every match. The guy gets to play with Mesut fucking Özil, a guy who feeds attackers chances on a fucking platter, if they are anything worth their salt.

The agenda against Theo is stupid, if you thought Theo was shit, then the only logical conclussion about Laca is he’s a sunday league player at best. Truth is we were better with Theo.


Just want everyone to know i thought last couple years theo and lacazette are both shit. Its not a one or the other camp. Y’all welcome to join me here.


Good on you if you are, but you’ll see my point as Arsenal fanatics turned on Theo but will defend Lacazette to the hilt.

Btw Theo is arguably less shit than Laca, though.


It’s terrifying that your stupid enough to try to troll only to end up believing your own shit.
Terrifying and pathetic.