Alexandre Lacazette (9)



Just stating facts that’s all.


So to summarise you don’t really rate him but you also think he could be the difference between us winning the EL or not…


I think we are likely doomed anyway but he’s far superior to Welbz who’s just utter garbage, btw I’ve always said he’s a decent player just not the world class striker some on here were preaching.


I still don’t get how that works. Yes, if Dortmund wanted a replacement for Auba, that’s fine- give Giroud to them. However, if the Giroud to Chelsea deal couldn’t happen, would there have been no Auba to Arsenal? Was it just to balance the books? (I’m not being churlish, I’m just baffled by the whole scenario. A little clarity would be most welcome!)

In any event, it looks like stupid business. Giroud looked incredibly sharp and versatile yesterday. Painful to watch tbh.


To be fair I do not ever remember anybody putting Lacazette in that bracket.


I didn’t say everybody, I said like certain posters I wont mention names.


I think so yeah.

Dortumund wanted Batshuayi to replace Auba and Chelsea needed a replacement for him


I did say that my biggest worry about getting Auba was selling Giroud to make it happen and thereby only having Auba and Laca as our strikers, facing the possibility of having to rely on Welbeck as our striker.

Fuck me. Mkhi and Ozil better get their scoring boots on for the Europa otherwise we are fucked, because Welbs is not a goal scorer.


Welbeck isn’t that bad tbh as third strikers go for me he’s best in the league


Welbeck as a defensive striker isn’t that bad. Probably will pop up a goal or two surprisingly.
Welbeck is shit when you NEED him to score.


So does this completely replace the ‘Lacazette is unhappy for other reasons’ theory?



Didn’t the article yesterday say the problem had been around for a while ? Today it’s a surprising swell ?


Logical way to understand this is, Laca had knee problem for a while but no treatment was needed and taken. After the Spuds game his knee swelled and need immediate action (surgery).
That means, as long as your knee doesn’t swell, you just keep playing till you can’t.


Pretty much. Also given that there’s nothing really to play for in the next 6-8 weeks it’s better having him back for the finish of the season in case we go far enough in Europe.


I don’t know if I’d use the word “ surprising he got a swell “ if it was a pre existing injury, but Wenger gonna Wenger.


might also explain why he has been looking slow and dull in attack recently and has lost his mojo too, i wouldnt wanna be running around a pitch with a dodgy knee, fuck that!


Arsenal ha employed top class medical staffs. Surely they would know better than non medically inclined journalist.