Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The way you have put this makes him sounds like he has had severe pms or something lol




Oh ffs! :disappointed:

Gutted for Laca. Not good news for us at all. I thought something would have happened with 13 new posts but not this. :cry:


Look on the bright side. At least we won’t be missing his goals from the last 12 games!


FFS! So unlucky! Eddie, then. Don’t rate Welbeck at all.


Lacazette might struggle to hit double figure goals for the campaign, when he returns there will be less than 13 games for him to score 1 goal :eyes:


Jesus. Why would the club sell Grioud knowing Lacazette had a knee problem? That is some piss poor management.


It is wenger we are talking here, think we should be used to it by now, no longer shocking to me.


Because we wanted Auba and he was a key component in the three way deal between us Chelsea and Dortumund.


Never fear. Wele is here.


Expect him to score a hattrick falling on his arse for 3 times :kos2:


To be honest this is the type of surgery players can play through and get a clean out at the end of the season, he’d be getting the surgery now with the World Cup in mind.


Or maybe it’s been hampering his performances for a while and there’s little point in aggravating it further?


It’s simply a knee cleanout, not a major injury at all, AFL players here play through that sort of thing all the time and have minor surgery at seasons end.


Even though it’s minor who knows the discomfort it has been giving him? To say he should play until the end of the season with a long standing issue is a bit much.

We have form for allowing players to play on through injury issues and it almost always ends badly.


Anyways as much as I think Lacazette is overrated he is miles better than Dat guy, so our Europa League campaign is in real strife.


A couple of games into last season Fekir had the same procedure because it was causing discomfort.


Yeah no doubt it causes discomfort and it’s better to get surgery right away, just a shame for us we have no backup and it will probably end any hope of a return to the Champions League.


Big blow for him, and I think this firmly puts his season to bed given that he’ll need to gain match fitness again and that famous “competitive edge” that Arsene so fondly speaks about. By then, Auba may well have established himself in the team and Laca is fighting for scraps. As if that’s not enough shit to deal with in your first season at your new club!

This competition (EL) really could have been his spring board as it’s likely he’d be playing a bit-part role during league games anyway. Hope he makes a swift recovery.


I see you are giving him sticks again :rofl:. Or am i wrong? :thinking: