Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Agreed. That skied volley he attempted at the end of today’s game was pretty much the same kind of opportunity he slammed into the net in his first game for us.


Let’s be honest, he’s probably from Nigeria or something…

Most of the twitter fans/trolls aren’t actually from the UK…


Well Atletico had a deal agreed, probably over 40m. West Ham supposedly bid over 40m too.

I think the issue would be finding a club he wanted to go to and who wanted him. Leaving Lyon to progress then ending up at West Ham a year later doesn’t feel like big progress. I think we could get 30m though. Depends how much damage gets done to his reputation in the next few months I guess.


This is what happens when you wait five seasons to buy a striker and then rather than getting the best, you get an adequate player that is not an elite player, but just below that level.

You then have a manager that rather than encourage him, like he has for several seasons with players like Walcott, Chamberlain, Giroud, etc, he leaves him on the bench or drags him off in the second half.

It’s as if he was bought by the club, despite Wenger, rather than with his approval.

Like @Josh said, I would like to see him under a different coach.


How can a player adapt to the Premier League if he always play just 70 minutes? You understand the league in the last 20 minutes, not before.


Tottenham playing great football for the past two seasons against Arsenal’s sluggish brand is a comparison worth making too I think.


Need him to find some form/confidence soon if Arsenal are going to have a chance to win the Europa league.


Hopefully he can get a few goals in our games against Östersund. It doesn’t matter that the opposition aren’t strong, he just needs to get his scoring boots back on, get the monkey off his back so to speak, and that will hopefully raise his confidence before the back to back games with Man City.


This reminds me of someone who got the same treatment



Welbeck and Eddie time!! Hope we stay in the EL long enough for him to come back and score bangers.


Out for 6 weeks following minor knee surgery :frowning:

It shouldn’t have gone down like this ffs


Welbeck up front in the Europa League it is then :joy:


Hahaha where’s Giroud when we need him now :joy:


I thought the EL was supposed to be a fantastic opportunity for Laca to score loads of goals and build up his confidence lol


Welbeck has enough about him to beat Ostersunds, relax


Eddie to the rescue.


It’s Östersund, no s on the end.


Yeah Welbeck has enough for this week but what about the last 16 when we could be playing stronger opposition like Atletico? The QFs are start of April, if he is out for 6 weeks he might not even be back for that either! (if we’re still in it)


Welbeck should be fine, always prefer to start him over Giroud anyway.


Sounds like it could have been affecting him in recent weeks, even months. Auba time!