Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Does Kane get taken off after 60 minutes in every single match?


Interesting to see that between him and Auba he had the best chances.


Would be stupid to give up on him after just one season. I am sure we would regret it because i think Wenger is off in the summer.


Would be nice if the fucker goes, but i doubt it ‘he always honours his contract’ i reckon it is more likely that he signs a new contract than the parasite fucking well leaving ahead of time.


Nah, don’t think so. Sven and Ivan are clearly building a new era now.


I don’t mean he will sign a new contract but i just cant see him being pushed out ahead of time as much as i love it. I reckon he will still be here next season and we have to put up with another season of absolute fucking dross.


Didn’t Wenger say he could not respect his contract?


nop exact opposite, that he has always respected his contracts and will always stick to tem hence why i feel we have another season AT LEAST of this shite!


Deserved some chances in the first half including the incorrect offside call.


Worst fans in the world. The others are right to make a fun of us. If getting relegated meant to get rid of this shit i would all for it.


That first sentence sounds like you when you’re having one of your MDC meltdowns


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Expected much more from a player we paid £50m for. There’s no other of looking at it than an underwhelming signing.

Not sure how to estimate worth his worth to the club at this point. Sell in the summer imo


Cool story bro.


Azak, head of the Arsenal bods and England abroad. Funniest Arsenal parody account about


That tweet is a joke lol. Just a parody account


Apologize, then.


Say we tried to sell in the summer, how much money do you think we’d get back for him ?


Confidence is gone


A sale? Probably peanuts unless he has an amazing World Cup.

Maybe a loan with an obligation to buy like other big teams always seem to work out would benefit all parties? The Douglas Costa from Bayern to Juventus comes to mind.

I’m not saying we should cut ties now. I want to see him under a different coach.