Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I don’t follow?


If we’re comparing him (or anyone for that matter) to Henry he’s always going to come up short!


We’ll still allow goals but we’ll control the game more and score more. Will be more entertaining guaranteed and sure to pick up more points as well.



The tactics and general performance today was disgusting.

Yes, he should have scored, at minimum hit the target. But not putting my frustrations on him when we got absolutely steam rolled today because our whole team are a bunch of fucking pussies.


What u said. Just because we had a bad result at a tough place to play, post signings, doesn’t mean you are correct and there’s not good reason to be excited that we’ll improve.


Nah I think he would have just been the next Jackson Martinez for them also.


Ah, yes. I get you now. Both that comment and the other you quoted are my opinion. I don’t think them to be fact, just the most likely outcome I can see.


Let’s be honest, Spuds have a better team and form.


Awful misses, but as usual people who need a scapegoat will focus on this and not the disgraceful performance which should have had us 4-0 down before Laca even got on


This why I said relaaaxxxxx lol it’s only up from here.

Arsenal have a penchant for puting in performances like these when there’s not a ton on the line. I bet you we will beat City in the cup final.


I wouldn’t bet against that at all.


Pretty surprised someone that understands the sport as well as you would join in on this silliness tbh.


Yeah, no scapegoat needed – particularly a guy who only played 20 or so minutes. Aside from a few nice moments, we were awful long before he got on the pitch.

You want to blame someone, blame the rest of our shit team who could only manage one shot on target between the lot of them!


Well, you’re probably over-estimating my knwoledge of the game somewhat haha.

But nah I realise I’m probably doing him a bit of a disservice. He only played 10 minutes and our problems stemmed from getting completely overrun down the flanks and in the middle. I’m just a bit pissed off right now and he had two pretty good chances at the end which I would expect him to take (more so the second chance).

If I’m honest though I just don’t rate him much. He probably would’ve linked up well at Atletico and would’ve complimented Griezmann. I guess Aubameyang will be a good measurment when seeing if it’s an individual problem or if there’s a wider problem with creating chances and controlling the game. Admitedly I feel he could do be a lot better elsewhere away from our struggles…




Yeah Kane did miss a couple of sitters but Kane doesn’t have 9 goals in all competitions for the season.


Anyone blaming Laca for the loss is dumb. However you are paid to score goals ffs you get a chance like that you fucking bury it. Ghosts of Giroud in 15/16 tbh.


Don’t like his lack of versatility. Not giving up yet though. Needs to have a strong Europa tournament.


No, Spurs have nicked points from us in the last minute in spite of being diabolically shit all game in the past. Jenas, Robbie Keane, Gus Poyet and Aaron Lennon come to mind.

An equaliser today would have been their just desserts. The dirty bstrds


Looks like he’s another Mustafi type situation.

He’s off in the summer, I’m sure.