Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Very debateable across the board there imo.

Lots of people weren’t impressed with Kolasnic early doors. And it is clear he actually is quite a limited football player.

Xhaka probably would be terrible for any top PL team imo. Not sure the league is for him. Or maybe he’s not reached the right stage in his career for it.

Iwobi you could actually argue the exact opposite.

Mustafi I know nothing about his time before, but meh.


Lol it’s funny everyone talking about hating him right now, because when Laca was in on goal, the first thing that came to my mind in that split second where he looked like was gonna score a sitter was, “omg I’m sorry Laca for anything bad I ever said about you, you are about to become our hero.” Then he just proves me right about how shit he is.


For me Walcott would have scored the last chance easily


Well he did.

Not identical with the bounce and that but similar


^^^ FA Cup match winner. Legend.

Walcott is honestly better, hurts me cause we spent 50m on Laca and let Theo go when in reality Theo is 100 times more useful. And I love Theo.


:joy: And explain how he magically gets that chance when A, he could never get time on the pitch and B, he’s never in the CF position to even receive that pass in the first place?

You could name any forward in the fucking top 10 tiers of football who should put that chance away. Chances get missed it happens. First time in ages Laca’s even had good chances.


That wasn’t from the CF position; and this was from typical position Walcott takes up when played.


Opener :wink: Giroud or Per scored the winner did they not?


Absolutely. Today is the reality of Arsenal following our new signings. Not what we saw against Everton.


It was a political thing. He fucked up by being to honest. We put in a performance like this one today against Palace last season and Theo was too honest. Can’t be saying that shit as captain and I’ll even admit it was over for him here at that point and for good reason.


Can one of the Mods please take him off the background picture on this forum ?


Relaaaxxx spurs away isn’t an easy match. We are gonna be a lottttt better now, no doubt.


Fixed that for you…


Well if we still can’t match teams off the ball or defend with confidence I don’t see how we have any foundations to improve our results. Our attacking play is just one aspect.


I don’t think so. Well not completely at least. This is a game where we were so focused on matching them in midfield that we had pretty much no plan other than that.

Basically I think neither game is a true reflection of what this team is trying to do.


Atletico really fucked us over by getting a trasnfer ban last summer :rofl:


Trying might be the key word…I think this is a true reflection of what this team is…under Wenger at least.


Didn’t u specifically say after our transfer activity? None of those you added there fit that criteria :thinking:


Can definitely see him being a killer for them though.


Starting to worry Laca may be a bust for us. His last chance Henry would have scored 10/10 times. To be fair, he did well to wiggle through two defenders. The volley strike would have been worldie but the effort was diabolically bad. I hate to read too much into body language but he looks miserable.

Those pointing out our lack of chance creation are right to be fair. This was reality check after a very easy Everton challenge.