Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, in matches at least. Personal issues alert :rotating_light:


Another player the specialist in failure has ruined


It’s not so much that last chance- the chance on the volley seconds before was ridiculous. He skies it. Balloons it over. 50 odd million for that shit. When Wenger f***s off he can take Lacazette with him


Ruined from Wenger. Need to see him under another manager. It’s easy to see.


At the risk of being an “Ozil’s body language wanker” - he looked fucking miserable today. Like he was ill or his head was somewhere else or something.

Sluggish, little urgency and he was hiding on the half way line pretty soon after coming on.

Didn’t at all look like a striker coming off the bench to try and win his team the game or get his place back.


You’re all gonna see what Laca’s had to work with when Auba faces the same issues like today. This is where Gooners have their head in the sand. No control on or off the ball means no chances. Blame Laca all you want this same issue will continue to face our strikers. Laca would have looked quality too against a shit Everton team at home.


He has signed the new contract so his hunger to impress has gone :stuck_out_tongue:


A confident Laca easily buries that chance.

Fuck you Wenger


So let me get this straight, it’s Wenger’s fault that world class finisher Lacazette missed that clear cut chance at the death ?


What is this Wenger ruined him nonsense, lol don’t try to blame a player being shit on Wenger. Maybe blame Wenger for signing a guy that the bulk of his goals come from the penalty spot and otherwise doesn’t have an impressive haul. A guy West Ham wanted, shows you his level right there. Wenger can’t make the guy run faster ffs :joy:


I think the issue is more that Wenger has had an effect on Laca’s confidence – which could be a reason why he was out of sorts.


Yeah but today he had two good chances and fucked them both, so talk of him being starved of service isn’t really relevant to what is being discussed here.


Wenger hurt his feelings I guess because he subs him out of all the matches at 70 minutes because he’s a short slow CF that doesn’t score goals :expressionless:


So we can add mentally weak to Lacazette’s faults then.


It’s not Wenger’s fault at all. He should finish that no question. But this really isn’t the crucial problem here. We’ve created fuck all even for Aubameyang. Even if he scored nothing gets resolved. We know he can finish as he’s done it so many times in his career for more difficult chances.


Whatever the problems at the club he’s a 46m signing that’s just lost his place within six months of signing.

He should be the definition of a player with something to prove and he came on like he couldn’t give a fuck about getting his place back, winning a derby or getting into the CL.


Not true auba has good movement and would have been in if not for bad officiating. You are partially correct though because that ball over the top found Auba 3 times and he was 1 v 1 with the defender all 3. Granted we didn’t do it enough but Auba made the runs. The ball over the top doesn’t exist for Laca because he’s shit and slow. Auba’s 3 today were more than Laca has had in 3 months. Never see Laca on the shoulder of defenders.


I mean I let out a horrible foetal scream when he fucked that volley and I kinda hate him right now.

But again I see another in the conveyor belt of new players magically turning to shit under the dying days of the Wenger regime.

Should be out wide for now imo. On the right I think he can do good work and get his confidence back.


Can you give me some more examples? As in players who turned shit and probably weren’t already shit to begin with?


Mustafi, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Iwobi

All maybe aren’t fantastic but are much better than what they are showing now.