Alexandre Lacazette (9)


What i said was 100% accurate. From the stats you linked, which I used as well, Theo played CF for us 26 times total. 14 of those 26 times came at the end of 14/15 and the start of 15/16, or as I said “the only consistent time he got at cf”. Consistent meaning 54% of his starts at CF came in a 4 or 5 month period. The stats ESPN used seem slightly different but not by a whole lot. My point was that when Theo got a run of games up top he produced quite well, the ESPN article written in the fall of 2015 proves that. If you would like to prove otherwise feel free to link some articles with matching dates that show you aren’t revising history to suit your agenda/opinion.

Edit: I also went back and figures out what ESPN was referring to in regards to 14 our of 16 appearances. They must have meant 14 goals and assists in 16 appearances as a CF, their stats don’t mirror transfermarket, but they aren’t far off, anyways it doesn’t undermind my initial point.

Just like I said his first appearance in that run of games playing up top was against West Brom on 5/24/15 he proceded to play the FA Cup, then the Community Shield and then to start the next season he played almost every match as a CF until he was injured on 10/24/15 in a league cup match and never appeared at CF on a regular basis again. In that span that’s when he put up those numbers. According to transfermarket it was 12 goals/assists in 13 matches, ESPN might have been counting friendlies not sure.


We cannot play Auba every single game, having two talented players competing for a spot in the starting eleven is a good thing.


For the rest of this season it will be pretty simple, Aubameyang starts league games & Lacazette starts Europa League.


We will absolutely play Auba in every single game except maybe easy teams in the EL.

We’ve just bought a player that’s had a winter break and was dropped for the first game back from the break :giroud2: :giroud2:


And hard teams seeing as he is cup tied :grin:


It won’t happen.


Well you’re shit.


Wow wenger has well and truly fucked this guy up, Lyons laca would have tucked thatlast chance away with ease his confidence looks absolutely shot.


He’s just a slow Walcott.


Laca :cry: two clear chances to score and he fucked then


What a chance that was to nick a point, gutted.


Really?? Sighhhhhhhhh. :expressionless:

Kind of offensive to walcott and his ability to actually put the ball in the back of the net, ya know being a player who’s paid to score goals.


Thank god we signed him, World class finisher.


Bring Walcott back.


Weekly lacazette is fucking shit post.

Heads buried in sands from half of OA.


He and Xhaka really represent late stage Arsene.

It appears that both were signed with Arsene not truly understanding what types of players they were. The only difference is that it looks like Arsene never truly trusted Lacazette and has more or less ruined his confidence.

Now that Top 4 looks highly unlikely we’re in a really strange situation where all resources should be thrown at the Europa League. The only problem is that Lacazette is the only striker registered to play in that competition!


Really not looking good for him here now.


I’m really feeling quite a lot of anger towards him right now.


Football’s a circus. Him putting away that chance would only paper over the cracks of a very poor showing from us. Personally I think he could have squared it too.